Thursday, January 31, 2013

one sweet phrase for the day

During my morning rush today, I had my talk to my children for what they are going to do for this day since they don’t have classes because of school’s foundation day.  I am catching their attention versus Ipad which took several minutes to gather their faces to make sure that they hear what I am saying.  "Do your assignments and Genyo activity, practice writing, read books and so on……. before playing your Ipad".  Then, I put down the money and said, “You can eat at Mcdo after your Galileo session”. Marco said, “Oh, that’s nice Mom, thank you!”  Eyes on Ipad right after.

I am still thankful.  At least, they managed to appreciate my effort even they are so engrossed with that addictive gadget.

I am hoping that my kids will overcome the excessive appeal of computer games.  I watch and guide them at my best to avoid habitual use of such device.(crossfingers) I wish I have all the time!

That’s for this day!