Monday, June 30, 2014

100 Things to Thank for-Day #24: A Balanced Life

In a fast-paced life we are experiencing today, it is more than usual that we neglect ourselves.  We forget to take time for our self then all other aspect of our life will suffer.  You don’t have energy to deal with the most important phase of our life.  So it is important that we stay balanced to live our life without regrets.
I am so thankful today that I realized “I have a balanced life”.  My husband admires me for being able to enjoy the life I want.  It’s my choice, though.  I chose to do things that can make me feel accomplished in my own standard.

So here are my simple ways in staying balanced no matter how busy we are.

1. Work out
I exercise at least three times a week.  It gets my adrenaline going, helps circulate blood throughout my body and gains my confidence.  I know it helps my body and mind feel lively and productive.
Please check my daily burn out.  You can do it while watching your favorite teleserye.

2. Rest
Whenever I feel tired and sleepy, I rest.  I leave my kitchen in mess and allow a pile of laundry get taller than my eldest.  Because if I will not do that, I can’t work for the rest of the week and my job will suffer.  I’ll become a zombie mom and that is not healthy.  Those household chores can wait for my attention. (lol!)  
I go to my happy place, my bed, and take a long nap.  It’s a place I am most comfortable and I forget my responsibilities in a while that recharge my energy.

 3. I enjoy my passion.
I love photography, blogging, reading and I associate myself to people with same interest.  Those are the things that nourish my soul.  Feeling ko mas nagiging efficient ako after ko mapagbigyan ang sarili ko sa mga ganyang activities.  Yeah, It’s time consuming but I am having fun while doing it. Worth it!  Any effort I exerted is meaningful because I’m in tune with my true self.

 4. I make time with my loved ones.
Our priority should be the people, not what we are doing or what should come next.
We have the usual family day during Saturdays. We eat together, go to mass together, grocery together and play together.  And I make sure that I am completely with them.  I always try to catch up with my bffs and visit my mother who is in the province. I also support family and friend’s social gatherings (weddings, birthdays, etc) as much as possible.

5.  I say No!
Sometimes, it’s hard for us to say no.  Like lending money, asking favors or additional work load.  We don’t need to please everybody when in the end we will suffer.  Don’t give excuses when you say no, either—just say you’re not able to make it this time.

Stay focused on keeping your life balanced.

Is your life balance?  Are you enjoying the life you want?  If yes, you are lucky as I am.  Let’s continue practicing the above ways and share happiness to the world.  “Ang buhay daw ay hindi na pahabaan kundi pasayahan.”

Happy Tuesday Yamisweeters!
Sunday, June 29, 2014

100 Things to Thank for-Day #23: Being myself

I am so thankful for today's subscription from Valorie Burton.  She keep reminding me on my every day challenge.

Lately, I've been so busy with many things about being a woman, a mom, an employee and a wife.  I struggled on doing what I love at the same time doing my duties.  I do have a lot of expectations from myself that leads to disappointments and imperfection.

I keep asking myself,  who really I am????  What is the best in me????  How can I contribute to the world?

And the answer is this:


I am happy to share to you this week's challenge and I encourage you to do it when you feel the same way with me.

Week 27:  Be Yourself - 4 Ways to Bring Out Your Best You!

"Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken." - Oscar Wilde

Dear Friends, 

In recent conversations, the theme "be you" came up several times.  And when themes emerge, I always like to seek the lesson for myself and eventually share it with you.  If you feel like sometimes you struggle with saying what you mean, doing what you love or relaxing around certain people, then this week's topic is especially for you.  Yet even if you are confident and sure that you are comfortable being "you," there is often room to go a little deeper - an opportunity to uncover another layer of authenticity and free yourself to unapologetically be you. 

Not being at ease with yourself just as you are is exhausting.  You might not even realize the amount of energy that you drain keeping up appearances, attempting to be perfect, pleasing other people and trying to make yourself fit in, in situations that simply are not you.  The notion of "being yourself" can feel a little vague, so this week, I have five practical strategies that will help you be yourself and maximize your best you:   

1.   Say what you need to say.

Are you beating around the bush? Too afraid to speak up?  Have you found yourself telling a "little lie" to avoid embarrassment or telling the truth?  That's a clear sign that you are not being you.  Identify at least one situation in which you have not said what you need to say.  When you finish reading this, go to who you need to go to and just say it.  If you can't say it now, then mark your calendar for the day and time when you will.  Authenticity means being forthright, so you don't waste precious energy pretending all is well when it isn't.

2.  Wear what makes you feel your best.

It may seem superficial, but it's not.  Clothing is a language all its own.  What does yours say about you?  And is that message consistent with who you truly are.  When I transitioned from running a public relations firm that focused on corporate clients to my current work in personal and spiritual growth, I changed my daily wardrobe.  Out with the suits (which I thought made me look more mature and credible since I was in my 20s then), and in with a more relaxed, fun look.  But truth be told, I could have been more relaxed and fun, yet professional back then.  Be creative to dress in a way that makes you feel good, even when your choices are restricted for professional reasons.

3.  Do what you know is right.   

There is nothing more authentic than living your values.  When your actions don't line up with your beliefs, inner turmoil is sure to follow.  Do what's right and you'll have a sense of peace about your decisions and actions. 

4.  Give yourself permission to be imperfect. 

Most of the time, when we are uncomfortable in our own skin, it is because we haven't given ourselves permission to be human.  In other words:  permission to be imperfect.  When you relax, you enjoy yourself more.  When you value the journey as much, if not more, than the destination, you embrace the fact that there will be bumps along the road - but they don't have to keep you from reaching your destination.

5.  Breathe.

Anytime you feel yourself getting anxious, feeling tempted to step away from just being you, take a deep breath.  Breathe and get centered again. It's such a simple concept - just like being yourself.

My challenge to you this week:

Be yourself!

Journaling assignment:

When are you most likely to not be yourself?  What are you afraid will happen if you are the real you?  What do you do specifically that does not really represent who you really are?  When will you stop doing that?  Will you try today? Head over to my blog and leave your comments, I'd love to hear from you! 
 Until next time ...  

 Happy Monday Morning Yamisweeters!

Thanks for dropping by.

Be Positive Think Positive
Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day #10: 100 Things to Thank for

It's day 10! Yahoo and still I find time to share my things to thank for.

Kids are back to school and I am back to the gym again.  I get up 5:00 am everyday to assist kids preparing for school.  Then after that I go straight to the gym for one and a half hours tiring work out.  I just realized today that the shoes I am using is 6 years old already.  My first ever rubber shoes since I started working out.  It serves me well and I have no plan of replacing it.  As long as my feet are protected with this gear I will continue to use it.

Sulit na sulit ang serbisyo ng adidas ko.

Happy Tuesday Yamisweeters!


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day #8: 100 Things to Thank for

Happy Father's Day around the globe!  Your strength and determination inspires us.  You're the greatest!

I am thankful today for one of the great move of the father of my kids.  Hallelujah!!!!! It's been a long time,  I am convincing my husband to make time to exercise.  Of course to have a healthy lifestyle.  I told him,  I want to enjoy our retirement together.  With the stress he is dealing everyday,  sickness will hit him anytime soon.  I told him to love his body as he loves me.  (hehehe!)  It's our obligation to take good care of the body that God has given to us.  But he always procrastinate when it comes to health awareness.

Until,,,,,,,,, finally....... he decided to join a bicycle club in their office so he needs to buy a "Bicycle".

Help me pray to God that he will use and enjoy it.  I trust him and will support him.

I will keep you updated with his biking experience.

Happy Father's Day!

Let us wish him luck, Yamisweeters!

You can do it, Da!  Have fun!

Day #7: 100 Things to Thank for

Thanks God for my cooking ability!  I'm not really good in it but I can cook for my family.  It's flattering when my kids tell me that "Ang sarap ng luto mo, Mom!"  Kahit na mga simpleng dishes lang masaya na sila.  Maybe because I do it with love.  I am happy doing it for them.  Iba ang feelings kapag ikaw ang nagluto ng kakainin nila eh.  It's an amazing emotion, yung may "proud" na pakiramdam.  For me, cooking is like dancing.  Practice makes it perfect.

If I will be given a chance I want to learn more about cooking.  I want to explore it!

Sinigang na Maya-maya
Happy Cooking!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Day #6:100 Things to Thank for

Yipee Yamisweeters!  Thanks God it's Friday!

Yeah, it is.  We always look forward for Friday because we can relax to manage the stress of the whole week.  I got a chance to use the gift from cutiepie Cobe(my inaanak).  He gave me this Holistic Stress Management.

Product of Earth Therapeutics Ltd.
The pack includes Herbal Eyelid Compress for cooling tension relief, Anti-stress eye pillow to melt away the tension, Anti-stress massage lotion for a soothing, mind-calming blend of aroma-therapeutic Chamomile and Lavender and Anti-stress massage soap the soothes the body and because of the massage nodes and aromatic blend.

For sure, tomorrow I am stress-free and rejuvenated again to enjoy the weekend with my family.

So, I will try first the Anti-stress eye pillow tonight.

As instructed,  lie down, breathe easy and place the pillow gently over the eyes.  This pillow weighs gently on tired eyes to soothe and comfort.  Enjoy the cool sensation of 100% pure silk caressing the skin,  as the pillow "flows" naturally over the contours of the eyes and face.  Infused with a natural aroma-therapeutic blend of chamomile, lavender and citrus, this eyes pillow is excellent for relieving the stress of every day life.  This pillow will comfort the eye strain and induce a feeling of calm to both the body and mind.

Haaayyy! Ang saya, so relaxing!

Thank you Ateng for this token.  I love it!

Be stress-free

Happy weekend, Yamisweeters!

Day #5:100 Things to Thank for

Hey there Yamisweeters!

I am thankful today because I realized that I am so lucky having a humorous husband.  He has lots of comical stories that make me laugh everyday.  Hindi nauubusan ng mga kalokohan at jokes.  Ang saya!  Minsan nga kahit nag-iisa na ako at naalala ko ang mga jokes nya, natatawa pa rin akong mag-isa.  He got that sense of humor.  That is one of my secret being looking young. (Naks!) 

Then I found this infographic about the benefits of laughing.  A happy person is so lucky. 

Check this out!

Think Positive Be Positive!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day #4: 100 Things to Thank for

Hej my dear Yamisweeters!

Days are running like a marathon, it's mid-week na agad agad, so I should spend my fruitful days effectively and efficiently.  To start a day, I'd like to thank God for the gift of life to Atty. Becks and her friendship.  Atty. Becks is not just a friend but she is one of my HERO.  Why??  Fitz Villafuerte had a post about "social circle" .  It's about qualifying the people whom you socialize every day.  In our circle, he classified three kinds of people around us, a heroes, vampires or bystanders. He stated it in this way:
"Qualify Your Social Circle
Go back to your list, and encircle the names of those who give you inspiration. The people who provide optimism and supply you with motivation to follow your dreams. They are your “heroes” that provide you with the aspiration to become better.

Now, put an X-mark beside the names of those who give you more negativity than positive energy. These are people who complain a lot, who always sees the “half-empty” glass, and those who rarely gives encouragement to you. They are your “vampires” that slowly drain life out of you.

The remaining people are the “bystanders“. They are the ones who watch you on the sidelines. They may be ready to help and support you, but would probably never initiate any action unless you ask them to."

For me, Atty. Becks is a hero because she inspires me in many ways(fashion statement, books she is reading, writing skills, spiritual beliefs, opinion, social skills, her confidence and a lot more).  For some, she is a dominant person. sya eh.  But what I love about her is, she knows how to admit her flaws.  She knows when she is wrong and when to say sorry.  She has freedom to share her thought and to share her love to other people.  I love the way she is.  Pag gusto ka nya, gusto ka nya.  Pag away nya eh di ayaw nya.  She is the picture of confidence. She knows what she likes and she knows how to appreciate little simple things.  She can listen to you kahit anong klaseng kwento pa yan.

So bakit sya hero,  kasi she provide optimism and gives motivation sa mga gusto ko.  Gusto ko syang gayahin, although hindi ko naman kayang maging lawyer. hahaha!  Pero, the way she makes time for her family and friends.  Wow! I admire her that much.  It looks like she always have time.  The way she is, happy for being SHE, despite her flaws.  Wow! She has the guts.

In life, we have to realize why we met people.  Bakit nga ba nag-ko-cross ang mga landas natin?  We must appreciate every mission that everyone is leading us.  Knowing the impact of each person in our social circle, be it a heroes, vampires or bysanters, is the way we can change for better.  Improving our personality on being who we are and give to the world our own simple share of goodness through friendship.

Happy Birthday Mare!

Cheers and thank you for this day!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Day #3: 100 Things to Thank for

A rainy mowning Yamisweeters!

I am so thankful for these "SMILES" saying "Mom, you don't have to worry, we'll be fine at school".  Even Marco has fever, he makes me feel secure that he can manage himself.  It's first day of school, of course, he don't want to miss the excitement.  I admire their love for learning.  That's another thing to thank for.

I am thankful also for my partner in sending them on and off to school.  My life is easier with the service they offer.  God is good because he provided the people who has equal concern for my kids.  I'm comfortable that my kids can have a safe trip always.  God is good all the time.

Think Positive Be Positive!
Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day #2: 100 things to Thank for

Happy morning Yamisweeters!

Today,  I am thankful for the "gift of positivity".  Despite of being not feeling well this Monday morning,  I still look forward that this discomfort will pass.  One of my personal mantra is to live in a positive way.  I believe that every hardship has equal comfort, every sorrow has identical happiness and every trial has future success.

Let us live the good vibes to make beautiful things happen.

Be Positive Think Positive!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

100 Things to thank for

Day #1
Happy Pentecost Day Yamisweeters!

Today, I want to start a post for my million things to thank for.  I will share atleast one hundred. Be thankful and be appreciative!

This morning, I went to market and had my marketing routine. Thanks God for the retailers of these vegetables.  We, consumers, were able to get fresh produce from the farmers because of these mighty retailers from the market.  Thank you Lord for their strength and capacity to bring out these basic needs of people in the city.  Bless them with good hearts!

Be Positive Think Positive!
Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Awesomeness is Great!

Happy Wednesday Yamisweeters!

I used to hear "It's awesome!" from my little boy Mic-mic in everything that fascinates him(at slang pa ha!). hehehe!

Everyone of us is dreaming for an awesome life.  We want to be productive and influence positive vibes to other people.  But sometimes because of fast-paced life, we encounter stress that makes our life not comfortable.  Nakaka-iingit lang ang mga kids kasi parang they are always awesome.

That's why, I am happy to share to you the infographic posted on my favorite site about the Theory of Awesomeness.

Be awesome!

Be Positive Think Positive!