Friday, September 27, 2013

Choose Barbara's! For a unique Buffet Experience

It was such a pleasure to be invited in a dining experience for birthday celebration.  In the office, we have four employees who are celebrating their birthday for the month of September.  They joined together to share their happiness for the gift of life and treated the whole company for an extraordinary Eat All-You-Can Dinner Buffet at Barbara's Heritage Restaurant in Intramuros, Manila.  We were all excited so we dressed up well to enjoy the beautiful night.

The girls!
Please browse my photos I got.

An elegant Hispanic House set up

A Heritage staircase! Opps.. a friend is having his photo opportunity

The signage
The ceiling and chandelier

And there serve gracious Filipino Hispanic and International cuisine.  I definitely had the gastronomic satisfaction from soup, salad, main dishes and deserts.  They have tasteful food choices. Please bear my food photography, I'm not best in it.

Lunch Buffet + String entertainment cost P495++
Dinner Buffet + Cultural Show costs P645++

The Kultura Filipina is the event that make Barbara's Restaurant unique from other buffet offers all over Manila.  It highlights the Filipino culture with dance, music and cuisine.  They have young and talented group who interpreted well our culture.   

The Band who played lively music during the show
I love their interpretation of Kundiman Songs and the song of Apo Hiking Society- Ewan.

The ambiance became lovelier when the dancers came up to the stage and energetically moved their body for graceful dances. Like Pandanggo sa Ilaw, Muslim Dance, Maglalatik, Flower Dance, Tinikling and a lot more.


They also teach the volunteer guests how to do our National Dance-Tinikling.

It was really nice to recall the history through music and dance.  Our own music and dance have it all.  The stories, the moves, the happiness and the colorful costumes.  I love folk dance and I miss dancing!

We also had a chance to capture the memories here.

The generous Birthday Celebrants! Happy Birthday!
Their 2013 celebration is a memorable one.

Come and visit Barbara's Restaurant.  It's best for all kind of celebration.  If you have foreigner guests,  this is the best idea for a memorable favor.

Eat and enjoy!

Barbara's Heritage Restaurant
Plaza San Luis Complex, Intramuros Manila
527-4086 / 527-3893 / 788-3356 / 527-4083
Restaurant Hours: Open entire week
11AM - 2PM : Lunch Buffet
6:30PM - 9PM : Dinner Buffet

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

2nd Mompreneur Summit: Passion and Purpose

I am a follower of mommy bloggers because I easily relate myself with my daily struggle as I read their own stories.  I found comfort of being "hindi nag-iisa" with the usual mommy-life errands(parenting, cooking, fashion, travel, foods and lifestyle).

Until I saw this post from Mommy Mundo.
2nd Mompreneur Summit
Mommy Mundo is founded by Janice Villanueva who is an ardent advocate for breastfeeding and active parenting.  She has been tirelessly working to give young moms in the country the most memorable lifestyle events and publications since 2001.  She is also the author of Mommy Matters, Mompreneur Manila, Mommy pages and Urban Mom.
Ms. Janice Villanueva

After browsing and found out the speakers of the summit, I have this a-ha moment.  You know.....I'm in a state of "hunger for learning".  I love to attend several talks about financial literacy, parenting, marriage and personal excellence.  Because I know that beyond reading, I can get more knowledge by interacting with people who have the same interest.    In spite my a-ha moment I still hesitate to come because I am not an entrepreneur. I am afraid of sales and marketing.  I don't have any convincing power to promote any product or services that will lead me to entrepreneurship. But I was inspired with the post of Painter's Wife about last year's summit.  She tickled my mind that I should explore, I need to be open-minded, I need to learn more and I should discover my passion. 

With the subject: Passion and Purpose, it directly connects with my continuous financial literacy awareness.  One of the mentor said, "to strengthen financial discipline, associate yourself with savers, investors and mentors."  Most of the mentors don't just invest in stock market, save and have an insurance.  They also have side business that became their money machine.  And they are doing it enjoyably because those are their passion.  So I'd like to realize what are my strength?  What is my passion?  Saan ba ako magaling at paano ako mag-uumpisa?  I am dreaming to be an entrepreneur. It's my chance to surround myself with brilliant thinkers. O!ha!

After saving my snack allowance and other pleasure budget for the registration fee, finally I'm registered online.

Officially registered and excited for what is waiting for me here!

  I was so happy when a friend of mine confirmed that she will join with me(on a last minute).  Yehey! hindi ako nag-iisa.

Blue Leaf Events Pavillion-Jade

We arrived just on time and peek-a-boo, "faces of brilliant people".  I can't believe myself that I'm here.  At the back of mind, what am I doing here?  Moms on my left and right are talking about their products and business while me and my friend just talk about ourselves. haha! 

It is a whole day affair and we chose the table at the center with a beautiful life quote. 

Passion is the genesis of Genius
Let me share to you the thoughts I've learned from the speakers.

Speaker No. 1. Amor Maclang
She is the person behind the award-winning PR agency GeiserMaclang together with her husband and their team of strategic thinkers and doers.

Amor Maclang at the Mompreneur Summit

 This brilliant woman shares their corporate mantra of Doing Well by Doing Good. They uses communication expertise and strong media relationships to push for causes and advocacies they believe in.  She imparted that we should have a pretty mindsets to create a positive change of the world.  What I really like about entrepreneurship goal is the purpose beyond making money.  The Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) that will uplift not only our own business but also the people around us which will lead to more enhanced economic impact.  "Finding a purpose for the businesses, one that is beyond self and profit, is a legacy worth working for".  We had a short talk when we approached her for photo opportunity.

Me and Amor,  I'm sorry for the faded photo. 
 She asked me what is my business. Whoa! Nagulat ako, of course.  And my prompt answer is, I'm not an entrepreneur yet and I aspire to be one, that's why I'm here.  So what venture you want to start? Whoooo! Another gulat! I want to own a school for toddlers, I replied.  Then she shares about how to be passionate about it, what opportunities i'll be facing and how to explore the things in my mind.  Thank you Ms. Amor for your wonderful thought.  Note: Of course all the "peek-a-boo moment" were not obvious.  I managed it well. Haha!  

Speaker No.2 : Anne Arcenas-Gonzales
She shared the Havaianas Story, how positioning a brand for success. She said that proper timing, credibility, creativity and attainable luxury are the things in her mind when she started her business.  She is also empowered by their vision, to be the preferred and global lifestyle-creation company  and their mision: to provide enjoyable experiences as celebration of happiness, because everyone deserves a little bit more.
Their Values: Integrity, Passion, Respect, Creativity, Growth and Empowerment

She talked how they started the business in their home and uses his brother's room as stock room without a business and marketing background.  But now they are the distributor of the Havaianas in Singapore, Malaysia and of course Philippines because of their continuing passion and purpose.  She inspired me most of her own story of failure and how she used that to achieve her goals.

Speaker No. 3: AJ and Audrey Dimarucot
This couple is the owner of googoo&gaga, a quirky clothes for kooky kids.  They talked about big biz & small biz purposeful branding.  AJ is an artist while Audrey is a sales/marketing specialist before. 

AJ & Audrey of Googoo & Gaga Clothing
Just like me and my husband they are totally different personality. And yet they were successful in the business they are catering right now because they are doing it with love and passion.  AJ and Audrey said that every "happy ever after" begins with a love story.  They done things with clear concept, personality and identity.  The couple shared to us how they come up with their branding which is one of the important part of the business. 

Their brand
AJ said that the googoo is Audrey because it means love with structured, traditional, classy and refined attitude.  While gaga is him means madness who is with spontaneous, modern, edgy and raw personality.  They designed their logo with "a dose of love and a pinch of madness". Super cute!
I learned from them that I need to be creative and adopt my personality if I will do my own branding(in the future) hehe!  I was just amazed knowing that their market is not just inside but outside the Philippines too.  It's so inspiring to know this perfect combination love affair.

Speaker # 4: Jenni Epperson
She is an award-winner lifestyle blogger.  She talked about "harnessing passion towards success".

Jenni at her talk
Here are the things she pointed out:
1. The first step to success is knowing yourself.
2. Don't be someone you are not.
3. Continue discovering yourself.
4. Build a character, not necessarily having beautiful face but being true to yourself.
5. Be influenced in a positive way.
6. Visualize to realize. Create a goal book.
7. The key is......don't stop.  The best way is always forward.
8. Start now.  Create your dream board. Create your destiny.

Another inspiring thoughts from her.  She said, she is not the best in one thing but she can do a lot of things.  Being herself is her way to success. (Wow!)

Of course, I have this kilig moments with her when she allowed us to have photo with her.  Oh my! She is so classy.

Jennie & my friend Beth

Jenni & Me

Speaker # 5: Joy Abaquin
She is the owner of Multiple Intelligence International School in Quezon City.

Joy Canon-Abaquin
She imparted how multiple intelligence can be use to make a difference.  It seems she answered my question at the beginning, where will I start?  She cited the 4D to discover the smart entrepreneurship in me.

1. Discover my strength/intelligence
2. Develop my strength/intelligence
3. Do my smart idea.  Share my thoughts.
4. "D" secret ingredient (Dasal)

According to her, interest plus intelligence equals idea.  And idea is the best capital in nurturing entrepreneurship. It's so important to identify the strength/intelligence that is within you so that you can be successful in it.  Take a look of the following strength naturally gifted to each in everyone of us.

1. Linguistic Intelligence- those that are talented with words, enjoys reading, writing and learning languages, has the ability to teach and explain things. Like: bloggers, newscater, publisher, writer, publis speaker, proof-reader and editors.
2. Mathematical Intelligence- those that are abstract thinkers, attracted to logic and reasoning, good with numbers.  Like: online sellers, retailers, investors, bazaar weekend, network
3. Musical Intelligence-those are music smart. Like: musicians, singers, voice coach
4. Spatial Intelligence- those are "picture smart", strong appreciation for visual images like drawings, good sense of creative visual expression. Like: Make-up artist, photographers, stylist and crafts maker
5. Nature Smart- those that are nature lover and gifted in nurturing and interacting with animals. Like: pet sitter & groomer, florist, landscape, organic product developer
6. Body smart- those who loves movements, good at building things, stay active and with good motor skills.  Like: art crafts, choreographers, coach athlete, craftsman, actor, theater works, dance studio
7. People Smart- those that are good with people and thrive in social interaction, good at reading, sympathizing & understanding others. Like: motivational speaker, public relations, event organizers
8. Self Smart- those who are best at looking inward and figuring out own feelings, motivation and goals, intuitive and introspective, work best independently. Like: counselor, psychologist, philosopher, planner, negotiator

So,,,,,,which one is your strength? Me,,,linguistic?(nope!), body smart?(maybe!) or spatial?(maybe). Haha!  oh...... it is still to be discovered and developed.  I need more training and exposure to squeeze what is my talent for me to push for my entrepreneurship goal. Well, at least for now I am well-motivated, I have goals and I'm willing to learn.

It was such a blast Saturday.  I can say that "I am inspired by Passion and guided by Purpose".
The summit was catered by Josiah's Catering

With many sponsors

The Mompreneur Summit also awarded 1st Mompreneur Awards.

1st Mompreneur Awards
These girls are all moms who are successful in their own ventures.
Photo grabbed from Mompreneurmanila

I hope sharing this thought will nurture your strength too.

Live it. Dream it. Do it. And thank God for it.