Monday, September 29, 2014

Galileo Little Explorers

I am proud Galileo Mom!

What is Galileo Mom?  A Galileo Mom is an awesome mother who is passionate in ensuring excellence among kids through fun learning experience.  For more than five years,  my partner in empowering my kids learning potential is Galileo -Pasong Tamo.  I found the comfort of methods and strategies in nurturing my kid's abilities and development. 

At present, my kids are on Grade 3 and Grade 4 level in English Program. The program aims to equip my kids with the fundamental skills needed to understand English in a long run.  It also prepares my kids in exercising their creativity and analytical skills as well as encourages them to see the fun in reading.

Galileo is also offering Math Program and Singapore Math.  And their newest program called Galileo Little Explorers.  So if you have little kids and you want to be a Galileo Mom like me, check this out!

The Galileo Little Explorers is an introductory program to the Galileo Math and English Programs.

Young learners ages 1.5 to 3 are taught early numeracy and literacy skills, practical life-skills such as manners, socialization, responsibility towards others, awareness of his environment, and appreciation of nature.

Program Benefits:
* Develop character
* Develop social skills
* Enhances physical development
* Promotes Self Discovery
* Increases Self awareness
* Encourages Self mastery

Remember: "The first year lasts forever."

Schedule: Monday to Friday 8:30-10:30AM
 List of Centers that are offering Galileo Little Explorers Program:
Galileo Balanga (047)-300-0815
Galileo Baliuag 0925-540-5060
Galileo Batangas (043)-425-4253
Galileo Caloocan (02)-442-0783
Galileo Davao (082)-221-0268
Galileo Lipa 0917-5088042
Galileo Mabalacat 0932-886-1754
Galileo Madrigal (02)-707-0358
Galileo Malolos (044)-760-0426
Galileo Pasong Tamo (02)-403-0947
Galileo Project 8 (02)-453-3781
Galileo West Fairview (02)-781-8050

Source: GELP

Visit the nearest Center near you and become a Galileo Mom! Enroll now!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

An organized life is a calmer life

A Yamimorning every one!

Waking up naturally is one of the healthiest thing we can do.  It means, our body coped up with the right amount of rest during the night.  When I opened my eyes and looking forward for another great day,  I checked my schedule for today. After thinking of the urgent and important things to be done today,  the date popped in my mind with sound (ting!!!). Oh no! I have two days left and it's October.  This month is all about the start of practicing for Christmas Party competition, my son's birthday, my most awaited birthday trip and my kid's second quarterly test plus my sister's biglaang one month vacation and another anik-anik schedule pa.  Thinking all of that is a huge deal and needs an expert's time management.  Waaahhhhh!!!!!  Cramming....cramming...cramming....

I talked to my self that I need to relax and arrange everything to make everything possible.  And this "Note to Self" is my ultimate guide for me to deal with my bloated October schedule.

"An organized life is a calmer life."

Achieving organized life is simply having good energy management and time discipline.  But for me it's beyond that.  It's important that we manage our "emotions" first before heading to our "to do list".   Being emotionally healthy is the best way to have an organized life that leads to calmer life.  Last weekend, I realized three things.
1. Good Communication
If we all have good communication, misunderstanding will be minimized and it can enhance ourselves into a peaceful daily venture.  Use all means of exchange of information(text message, emails, chats etc) to make things clearer as what we are thinking.    
2. Accept yourself
 Accept who we are, admit our vulnerability and believe in ourselves.  If we can't make things possible, don't pretend that we can.  Never assume a responsibility that at first you know it will be hard for you to accomplish unless it is a call of duty.
3. Judge favorably
Always validate any situation before making any conclusions.  Be fair and avoid being judgmental as much as possible.

Having realized such three things,,,, I think I am ready to check out my to do and not to do "list".  I wish this is a good start to more enjoyable days ahead.  I wish it can help you too.

Rock on October......excitement is here!!! Yippeeeee..................

 Think Positive Be Positive!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Want to live healthier? Check this out!

Maternity Shoot

Yeehaw Yamisweeters!

I'd like to start this blog with my today's Note to Self: "Don't stop until you're PROUD"

I saw this post from one of the artist I followed on Instagram #fancygirl.  What a beautiful note to self, simply perfect for my loooong list of goals. haha! 

Last Saturday was indeed a very blessed day for my schedule to shoot a soon-to-be-mom.  The weather was exactly the way it should be,  my schedule was in placed,  the venue was available for the shoot and the model was in excited mode (as well as the photographers).  Except for a near accident while heading to the place, everything went fine and as planned.  Glory to God we're safe then.  I treated that as fuel to the excitement for the shoot.

I'm also thankful to my niece(also aspiring photographer) who acted as stylist too.  She's into portrait photography so the shoot became easier.

I admired the agility of this modern mom.  She's so comfortable with the shoot.  I know she was hungry but still very cooperative because we have limited time.  I'm so thankful to God for the opportunity to capture the first stage of her parenthood.

She is the wife of my eldest nephew, due to give birth next month.  A perfect timing for a maternity shoot.

Here it is!

Model: Mharizel L. Paras
HMUA: Christian De Silva David
Venue: Baserri De Lipa

It was another learning day for my photography goal.  I will not stop practicing and adopting new ideas to achieve my purpose.

Think Positive Be Positive!
Monday, September 22, 2014

Investing Matter

What do you want to start NOW?

One question I heard on a TV commercial. My answer: To know more about investing matter.  

Though I started it ever since I have my own job, I want to explore and learn more.  I've realized that there are lots of wrong investment.  Reading books and blogs are keeping me busy on how to achieve such.  One of the blogs I follow is Ready to be Rich and every time he posts, I always have added knowledge and strategy on investing wisely. 

Take a look at this story.

The Story of Mr. Real Estate and Mr. Stock Market

Mr. Real Estate and Mr. Stock Market are brothers and back in 1992, their grandfather died and left each of them one million pesos.
“Invest the money and make it grow,” advised their parents. So that’s what they did.
Mr. Real Estate saw a property for sale right in the heart of Makati’s Central Business District. The 14 square-meter land was selling at P70,000 per square meter, which he considered a bargain because of its premium location.
Meanwhile, Mr. Stock Market went to the Makati Stock Exchange and bought Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI) shares, which at that time was selling at P2.95 per share.

Fast forward twenty years later, in 2012, the two brothers decided that they will travel around the world with their respective families.
To fund the trip, Mr. Real Estate chose to sell his Makati CBD property, which is now priced at P300,000 per square meter.
On the other hand, Mr. Stock Market chose to sell all his Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI) shares at the market price of P26.45 per share.
Who do you think made more money? Let’s see…
real estate vs stock market The Story of Mr. Real Estate and Mr. Stock MarketIs the stock market better than real estate investing?
The answer is NO.
Neither investment is better than the other and both are great investments if you know how to do it properly.
Real estate investments can be turned into rental properties and become a source of passive, monthly income. This is something that stock investments cannot do.
Also, it’s not really a question of which one is the better investment, but which investment can help you achieve your financial goals – and at the end of the day, the best option is to invest in both.
I guess the lesson here is that there are a lot of great investment opportunities out there, and it helps to learn about them instead of just assuming what’s good and what’s not, because you’ll be surprised at what you’ll discover, just like today.

We can't see the amazing opportunity on our investment because we have limited knowledge.  

Be curious and keep learning!

50 Ways for Kids to Stay Creative

Good Morning Yamisweeters! 

 I had this dilemma last night when my eldest son is worrying for his Art subject. He excels in his academic subjects but so disappointed with the Art and Work Education. Like his Dad, he's not gifted with art talents. For them, art is a horror. Huh! I pity them. As a mom, I know it's my responsibility to instill creativity, enthusiasm and motivation to question and explore as well as how we teach them good values, responsibilities and etiquette. Enrolling in an arts and crafts activity session is one of my consideration. But I realized that there are lots of ways to deal in cultivating creativity of a child. The post of hello, Wonderful shows me ways to do it. And not just the art-sy and craft-sy talent of children will enhance but also their attitude and other skills.

I am happy to share to you the 50 Ways for Kids to Stay Creative. Image Map  

This is just a perfect guide for my son's dilemma. Have a great day! 

Be Positive! Think Positive!
Tuesday, September 16, 2014

100 things to thank for: Day #29: Expectations

I thank for today's surprise!

I got one text that brought fear.  I consider it as a trial on a relationship with my husband and his family.  Life is full of experiences and tests that comes in unexpected situations.  I have a lot of questions in my mind that is longing for an answer.  I am figuring out a decision when the time comes for me to decide.  Expectations can be happy or sad and it came in its most surprising way.  I do expect that people will act the way they should be but definitely not.  It's hurting but the only way I can do to make me at peace is to:

Stop Expecting People to Change:

People are habitual. We like things to be constant. It’s comfortable. We can change, but it takes time. If you desire someone else to change, you need to start with yourself. You don’t have the power to change anyone other than yourself, and once you realize that, your life will be a lot happier.

Expectations must go with acceptance.

Reblogged: A little brave hearts (100 Things to thank for)

I am a fan of column on Philippine Daily Inquirer "Youngblood"(It was an influence of my immediate boss Mam Lutz).  I admire the young people who shares their thoughts about life.   I am just fascinated with the talent of a young persons.  Bakit ako... hindi ako naging writer ay gusto ko naman magsulat.  I always have a hard time to compose a paragraph just to say what's in my mind.  And of course I admit I have a grammatical and composition problem. Huh!  Aminado talaga ako dun pero sorry malakas lang ang loob ko.(I have a little brave heart)  And no one can stop me to share anything on my own language.  Today....and every day, I am living on this mantra.

From picture qoutes
Life is about dreams.  It has a struggle in between realization but that's the way you can see greatness of living.  We always soar high and be brave because that's what it takes and.......

 I am touched with today's post on PDI.  So simple write up yet so perfect for me.


Little brave hearts

When I was a child, I always dreamed of having a baby sister, and it led me to much fascination with the “Baby Alive” doll, which has features like that of a human baby. The doll became a trend in school. Whenever a classmate would bring one, we would gather around like busy bees buzzing “Wow!” and “Ah!” and admiring the “celebrity toy.”
But as much as I wanted to have a Baby Alive doll, my mother wouldn’t buy me one because she considered it add-on clutter in the house. I shed ocean of tears, but she didn’t give in to my strategy. I understood that it was her way of disciplining me.
So while I enviously watched my classmate minister to the doll with a milk bottle, comb its hair, change its “always dry” diaper, and cuddle it like it’s a real baby, there I was, holding good old Chippy-Chippy, my stuffed-toy dog. Of course, Chippy-Chippy was my favorite, but I didn’t want a dog for a sibling. I craved that Baby Alive doll so much; it would have been the closest thing to a baby sister I could have.
In the end, I accepted peacefully that I would never have the doll that I persistently pleaded with my mom to buy for me (in vain), and learned to live life as an only child. Surprisingly, however, God still granted me a childhood dream. I was not given that doll 16 years earlier, but I received a more precious gift years later—the opportunity to care for the cuddliest and most serene of human beings: newborn babies.
I am part of a hospital team that cares for newborns. As a “big sister” to these little ones, I feed, bathe, clothe and hush them to sleep. I appreciate both the “cuteness” and the seriousness of the job; it’s not just a toy you’re carrying, there’s a life in your hands, which is a no-nonsense responsibility.
I admit it, sometimes the temptation of hugging them lovingly, kissing their rosy, chubby cheeks and smelling the baby scent of their skin is irresistible. However, there are also instances when my eardrums nearly explode from their loud cries, which sound like bombs of demands: “Feed me now! I am hungry!” Or “Hurry up, change my nappy, I am wet!” Or “I’m bored in this crib! Pick me up!” And so I would.
It’s also a test of patience whenever I encounter a baby who is sleepy during feeding time; I am ignored to death. Moreover, there are some babies for whom feeding is a complicated process, and would cry out of frustration—and that’s one heck of a challenge for both the babies and myself. They will mess with you big-time, but you can never mess with them. You cannot blame them for not speaking the words you would like to clearly understand, because babies cry to communicate; you cannot discipline them to wake up instinctively every two or three hours just so they can consume their required milk intake.
And you can’t force newborns to consume their milk in 10 minutes when their swallowing reflex is not yet developed. If it’s hard for you to make them drink, likely it’s harder for them to gulp. Thus, a cliché came to my mind: “It’s the first step that is always the hardest.” It’s the whole truth for every human being regardless of age and status.
There are times in our life when we can’t do something the way it should be done. Maybe because it’s new to us, and it’s a first-time experience. We feel a mixture of excitement and fear whenever we’re out of our comfort zone, and life has so many “firsts” that we need to surpass to keep moving forward. And I think, uniquely made by God, that this is also true for newborns, who are learning to live life outside the comfort of their mother’s womb. They were accustomed to swim in the amniotic fluid, and suddenly, the next thing they know, they are out in the world, breathing the same air we breathe, exerting effort to feed through sucking and needing someone or something to keep them warm.
Everything’s totally new for them. Striving to live and thriving to become what their parents wished them to be make up the challenge. It’s not a race, it’s a journey.
Being a humble worker in a hospital nursery, and having been assigned to the Neonatal ICU, I witnessed the different journeys that babies go through. It made me see that babies are not only bouncing cuteness and sweetness, they are also warriors. Newborn babies are at their most vulnerable stage in life: They endeavor to survive outside, detached from their tiny world in their mother’s womb and trust their fragile body to adjust to the new environment.
Witnessing this journey, I am awed by how parents become pillars of bravery for their tiny warriors. I salute those parents who, seeing their babies different from others or born prematurely, are more deepened in faith in God, and become strong to face the situation, and are patient to wait. They continue to love life and others, and, whatever may happen, will still embrace every tomorrow with light and hope. They are definitely their baby’s heroes.
I may not be staying with these babies forever, but my admiration will. These little brave hearts endure their condition, with tubes in their throat, mouth, or tummy, repeatedly poked with intravenous needles in their extremities, a blinding light atop their incubators or cribs that serves as phototherapy (minimizing or preventing jaundice in them). They suffer through a number of procedures or surgeries, and countless of times strange hands will touch, press, or hold their little bodies. Some of them will make it through easily, some with difficulty and some will not make it at all. It doesn’t matter. What I believe important is this: The struggle to live life is already the bravest thing a baby can do to be their mom and dad’s little warrior.
Rmay L. Samarita, 24, is a nurse at the Makati Medical Center.
Thursday, September 4, 2014

Happy birthday Inay!

Thank you Lord for the gift of life to my mother.  She is my hero.  She risked her life for giving birth to me.  She endured the trials of life on raising ten children.  She is a simple woman who shows resilience.  Her childhood was full of drama but she managed to be a good daughter, sister, wife and a good mother to us.

She is 82 years old now and experiencing unstable memory.  According to my son, "Lola is so forgetful." hahaha!

We love you Inay!  Sorry if I can't visit you as frequent as possible.  I'm so guilty with that.

God is so good to us!  Happy Birthday!

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My Wedding Day-2004

Monday, September 1, 2014

A Staycation at Azumi Boutique Hotel

Hi there Yamisweeters!

If you follow me on Instagram,  you might see several post about #staycation #The Macs last weekend.  And here is the story!

As I've said before I am a goal-oriented person.  And one of my goal is to have a "financial freedom". My number one strategy to reach that goal is to watch my spending in order to increase my cash flow.  But I admit, sometimes I can't resist to commit impulse buying.  I was caught by the promotion posted by Deal Grocer about this newest eco-friendly gem in the south.  In just one click, taaaaadaaah!  charge to credit card.  I set that as a reward for a very tiring and stressful days for my hubby.  I want to spend one weekend just to relax and stay in one cozy place.  As the promo said "looking for a posh, comfy and clean retreat in the city without burning a hole throughout your pocket?" Wapak na wapak sa pagoda na Mister at Misis.  Kaya print agad agad ng voucher and kept for future weekend since it was valid until July.  And here comes August 1,  when I opened up again the voucher it was expired.  I got so disappointed because of my very wrong decision of buying and yet not even enjoyed it.  I missed it due to hectic photography schedule.  Hindi ko tuloy masabi kay hubby na nag-aksaya ako ng money for that.  Hinayang na hinayang ako.

Of course hindi tayo papayag ng ganun ganun na lang.  I wrote an email to Deal Grocer and begging for a consideration.  I have a very flowery word why I chose Azumi Boutique Hotel.  I said, I read several reviews about the Hotel and really want to experience what other blogger is sharing.  They had immediate reply on my mail and insisted that the merchant is very strict when it comes to expiration dates.  They advised me to mail the Hotel for a consideration.  Which I did.  And their reply is the same with Deal Grocer but promoted their rainy day promo.  In short, they extended their promo.  They allowed me to use my voucher.  I am so grateful with them for being so considerate.  Yes, it's true that I already paid the voucher and I am entitled to the benefit of it.  But it's also the responsibility of the voucher holder to be aware of its validity.

What I've learn from this experience is always make your spending valuable and don't hesitate to ask a consideration because I believe that there is always a chance. ahihi!!

Here is our short but meaningful staycation at Azumi Boutique Hotel

Simple yet elegant logo
I fell in love with the white painted wall accentuated with eclectic European-inspired display. It's an elegant yet not intimidating ambiance in the lobby.

Books everywhere!

A polygonal lights hanging above the bar

Remarkable photographs
 I was amazed with the sophisticated interior design of their chic lobby.  I was caught with the way how framed photographs were arranged that makes it not crowded.

We were welcomed with smile and a hassle-free checked in with beautiful and accommodating staffs.  I was asked to sign a waiver for the use of balcony and rooftop pool.  The front desk officer reminded me that all rooms are no-smoking area.

We were booked in a Queen Room.  We have my kids with us and they are free of charge.
Clean and peaceful hallway

The room is just enough for my family. The couch became the kid's bed.  The walls are tiled with "ecocarat" that absorb moisture, odor and toxins.  

The room has a cabinet, fridge and microwave.


The bathroom is isolated with transparent glass.  Just nice for a couple guests.  They provided organic bath and body products.  It is chic, modern and clean.  Water supply is also good.
One thing I observed was the absence of bidet. But the rest went well during our stay.

Another thing that my kids enjoyed was the sparkling infinity lap pool in the roof deck with sensational night view of Alabang City skyline.


Definitely, we enjoyed our stay.  We had a nice sleep in a comfy bed and fluffy pillows.  My hubby caught two good movies with the flat-screen TV and stayed very late on bed the next morning.

Such a comfy stay

See???? Our smiles(scroll down), it shows satisfaction.  It was such a relaxing weekend.

My voucher didn't include breakfast so I don't have reviews about Romulo Cafe, but it has a catching interiors too.

As always, my photos says it all! It has value for money.  A worthy weekend. And another parenting and relationship workshop.

Thank you Azumi for your beautique service!

2205 Market St. , Madrigal Business Park,
Phase III Alabang Muntinlupa City, Phils.