Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Rush and a lot of points to ponder

Lately, I've been so busy with my Mid-Year Resolution # 2: To be Truly Rich. (ha!ha!)  Yeah, you read it right....I want to be rich and enjoy life with financial freedom.  I read several books about financial stewardship strategies.

I have Pisobilities and Easy Money para sa mga Kababaihan by Francisco Colayco

8 Habits of Happy Millionare and My maid invest in Stock Market by Bo Sanchez

                                                                 Ang Pera na Di Bitin by Ardy Roberto, Jr.

and a lot of related blogs.

One common factor they are teaching is being a "SMART MONEY PERSON".  Little by little I adopted their tips on managing hard earned money.  I listed my priorities,  follow budgeting tips, bring to life the equation "INCOME-SAVINGS=EXPENSES and avoid being an impulsive buyer.  In short, I need to simplify my life more.

But when I opened my facebook, instagram and blog accounts waaahhhhhhhh other people are happy spending their money on foods, travel, fashion and leisure.  Nakaka-inggit!!!!! How come they can afford all that.

And so I realized that I should reward myself for trying my best to be a smart money woman.  Time to relax this weekend. Besides my meaning for "TRULY RICH" is a wealthy relationship.  Relationship with God, with family and friends. And I need money to gain that. Money really matters,  let's all admit it.

So, let's start the weekend rush.

I need to reward my kids for being so diligent and responsible students.  It's Friday night and I gave them a good laugh at minion's adventure with Gru and kids. 
Instagram Photo

M is rolling to laugh with the cute actions of the minions and secret agents Gru and Lucy.

Instagram photo
After the movie, they were excited to have some sweets from Krispy Kreme.  All time favorite of R.  It was a nice feeling when I see my boys really enjoying each others company.  Movies are the thing the we always want to do.  Parang nakalakihan na nila ang manood ng movies.  When they were toddlers pa, R sleeps in the movie house but now he's so excited with the popcorn, hotdogs and fries he could munch while watching. haha! Time flies so fast.  I'm quite sad because they are not babies anymore.  Sometimes, they argue with me na. Huhu! Mas marami na silang alam.

Their dad did not make it to the movie kasi Friday, a lot to attend but he picked up us at the mall and we went home together.

When we're on the bed na, M ask me, Mom when are we going to watch White House Down? Huh! I laughed and said, Anak, ang budget natin ay pang Despicable Me lang.

On Saturday,  I have office work in the morning and in the afternoon, kids' Galileo session.

At the Galileo Pasong Tamo

My kids do their session every Saturday for two hours.  They suppose to go to the center twice a week but because of hectic schedules in school they need to compress it in one day.

M did the level up test for Math. He finished the activity for Grade 4 level and he needed to pass the qualifying exam to jump up to the next level-Grade 5.  M is currently Grade 3 in regular school but in this enrichment program M is almost two level advanced.

Super Nova level up test result

 Great!!!! he passed the level up test. The result is not bad.  He is in Grade 5 level now. Yahoooo!  Let's celebrate.

                                         Avail their 2-week free learning lesson.  Visit any branch near you.

While waiting, I didn't waste my time.  It's grocery time at the nearest supermarket.
Shopwise Makati
I am currently collecting stamps for their on going promotion PREMIUM GERMAN BRANDED ARZBERG COOKWARE.  The promo runs until August 4.  I want to avail this high-quality German Brand cookwares for free just by shopping at Shopwise.

I do the grocery weekly to preserve freshness of wet goods.  And here are some smart tips when doing the marketing to save time and money.

1.  Schedule your grocery time.
         Our mindset makes everything smooth.  Plan everything. Bring anything you need in doing shopping like bags and loyalty card.
          Shopwise is doing a small part in preserving the environment that's why they encourage their customers to cut down the use plastic. It's a bring your own reusable bags policy. 
          They also have "WISE CARD" that earn points and accumulate every shopping.
          Planning is one cost-saving scheme.   

2. List down all the things that you need to buy. 
           This will save you cost of telephone calls.  When you don't have the list and you arrived in the laundry supplies.  At the back of your mind, meron pa bang sabon?  If you're not sure, you will call the house and ask somebody to check the supplies cabinet.  Sayang.....kung nag-lista lang sana.

3.  Do not do the shopping when you're hungry.  
           When you're hungry, you might add to cart things that you don't need.  Maybe you just want it.  "Sira na ang budget mo sira pa ang diet mo."

Those are the three basic things I recall before I do my grocery time.  I know you all know that,  Just a reminder.  Minsan din nakakalimutan ko eh especially if shopping is not planned.

Our next stop: Keil's 7th Birthday

 We are doing socialization naman.  Kids had fun with the games and magic show.  M & R are into parties.  Parties have big factor in their social skills. 
Our boss and some friends in the party

R wore his 7th Birthday Party costume.  Last year, he celebrated it at the same venue and theme.  It's tight fit and short na. haha!

The day is not over yet.  I still have other STOP.  I'm done with my little's time for my BIG boy naman.

Another stop......Movie with my man.

Channing Tatum's White House Down

The movie is nice.  I was so thrilled with how Channing saved the president and her daughter.  She has a very smart daughter who played a great role in saving the White House.

Movie date with me only is HIS simple pleasure.  We do it every Saturdays when the schedule permits.  It's one of my submissive way to HIM.  Kahit I don't like the movie I have to go. hehe! But mostly, we have good movies naman. What really matter is the time together.  We have a stressful week days so we need a deserving weekend.

We had our snack at Mexicali after movie
After every movie, either snack or coffee will do for some usap usap.

Guess what???? We talked about STOCKS.  Huh! Usap ng matatalino at mayayaman. hahaha!  He shared to me his experience and learning on the seminar he attended that morning.  He attended STOCK TRADING AWARENESS. 

That night we both do snack and coffee. Mahaba-habang usapan because excited for the Money Machine (Money that works for you) we need to find. 
For curiosity, I tried Starbuck's daily offerings Red Bean Green Tea Frappucino Blended Beverage.  It's worth a try, for a change. A strange taste of green tea in frap but I enjoyed the red beans. haha!

Part of my "To be Truly Rich" resolution is to learn about STOCKS.  I really don't have idea how it is played. goal is to explore and invest.  The very first step I did was to be a member of Truly Rich Club.  I am so inspired with Bo Sanchez's My Maid Invest in Stock Market.  He will teach you step by step to start investing in stock.  For as low as P 5,000.00 you can start buying.  Come.... join me to explore STOCK MARKET.  Read, explore and try.  Don't be afraid to start a thing that will give you financial freedom with happy life.

It was a very good Saturday.... as always.

As a routine, we started the week with a HOLY MASS at National Shrine of Sacred Heart in San Antonio Village Makati City.   The church is well decorated because of a wedding.

A glimpse of church in garden theme

And a snapshot of proper church attire

  Welcome another week! A week with a lot to learn. 

I am just sharing whatever is in my thoughts.  I don't mind if it's huge or meaningless.  For me everything about my life is a gift from God that deserves an importance.