Sunday, March 30, 2014

YOU and your ACTIONS

Happy Lunch Positive Thinkers!

For my personality development today, I've noted a post from Francis Kong as follows:

"As you go to work today, remember that there is no person in the world powerful enough to control how you feel. Start with the feeling of thankfulness that God has provided you with work. Be polite and respectful and do your work excellently. These are the marks of a true professional. don’t let the jerks ruin your day and your week."

It's true that we and our actions are the root of the happiness that can be contagious to people around us. Even in a simple way we can live a life that will create an extraordinary impact to every person we're dealing.  It's by being thankful for everything that we have.  Be it good, bad or even worst.  Because we can use that to be excellent in our purpose in life. And it is our own responsibility.

I'd like to share to you a letter from Valorie Burton for today's meditation.  Her letter uplift my soul to more meaningful start of another month.  You will notice that most of my post is about motivation and encouragement.  Simply because I want to gain it into myself.  Times can't be avoided that we are so tired and insecure though we know to ourselves that we have a lot to thank for.  But still there are lonely times that will need to know more about ourselves.  It is just part of the twist and turn of life.  Don't worry because it is definitely okay.  Please read the letter below because even if you are already happy and contented or sad and weary, you will learn a lot from the seven principles in life.   

Dear Friends, 

I'd like to share seven principles with you that are essential to living the life you were created to live. Extraordinary success is about experiencing fulfillment in all areas of your life, not just your career, but your relationships, health, finances, and spiritual life.

It's possible to be on a path in your life that looks successful to the outside world, and yet still not be on a fulfilling path - the one that is trying to get your attention, hoping you will listen. Your unique path is based on your purpose in life, your natural gifts and talents, and your "divine assignments" at any given moment in time. It is about allowing God to use you - including your unique personality, gifts, passions, and experiences - to make an impact on the lives of others. There are times when your path will make a turn, and you must be able to listen to what your life is teaching, telling, and showing you so that you know when to step into a new phase of life, when to let go or when to make an important move.

Consider these seven principles I'd like to share with you today from my book, Listen to Your Life. Each point ends with a quote from the book. Use them as you journey towards a life of great passion and fulfillment:

1. Connection: In today's fast-paced, overloaded world, many of us have become disconnected from ourselves, God, and the people in our lives. Take the time to deliberately re-connect on a daily basis. This means take a few quiet moments to yourself, time for prayer, meditation or even a walk outdoors.

 - "Connection empowers you to find your path, stay on it, and return to it when you stray... and honesty is essential for connection."

2. Self-Curiosity: Be willing to question your behavior and ask yourself, "Why do I feel this way? What am I afraid of? What would it take for me to step up to the next level of my life?" By being curious about yourself, your desires and even your self-sabotaging habits, you can find the answers to become the whole and healthy person you are meant to be.

 - "Self-curiosity challenges your beliefs and bad habits, helps you identify the annoyances that drain your energy, and gives you the insight to recognize and avoid the distractions that can lure you onto a less-than-fulfilling path."

3. Vision: It is possible that you had a vision, and you've now fulfilled it, and haven't given thought to what's next for your life. Remember to create a new vision at difference stages of your life. Make it vivid and specific, and set a deadline. This will compel you to move forward. Be aware of the issues that can impair your vision -- your perceptions, perspective and ability to focus  impact your vision.

 - "A dream only serves us if we turn it into a vision and act on it to bring it to life. Otherwise, it only frustrates us and leaves us feeling hopeless and helpless."

4. Creativity: Success doesn't always come in a traditional package. Be willing to tap into your creativity so that you can blaze trails that need to be blazed and create new opportunities for yourself and others. When you feel stuck, ask yourself, "What options haven't I considered?" 

 - "Creativity is the ability to bring to life something of purpose, value, and appeal that did not previously exist.

5. Expectancy: What are you really expecting in your life? Do your actions indicate that you are expecting to live an extraordinarily successful life? You must maintain an attitude of positive expectancy because your attitude impacts your thoughts, and your thoughts determine your actions. Your actions on a daily basis create your reality.

 - "Expectancy allows you to continue walking when the exhaustion of the journey leaves you ready to give up"

6. Flow: There are times in life when you must simply "go with the flow." Turbulence and disappointments will come in everyone's life. The key is to keep life in perspective, learn from your experiences and allow what you learn to expand your capacity for growth.

 - "Imagine that your path is a river with twists and turns... if you flow with the river, you enjoy the smoothest journey. You might get bruised at points along the way, but not as badly as if you fought the currents and tired yourself out."

 7. Abundance: Everything you need is available to you. You can choose to focus on what you don't have, or take care of what you do have and even cause it to multiply.

 - "What you focus on will expand...The most abundant path is the one that uses your natural talents and gifts. The doors of abundance open widest in the direction of your talents. The work you do is an extension of who you are."

I hope you'll take the time to listen to what your life is telling you today and step onto the path of the life you were created to live. Your path is waiting and ready for you. Head over to my blog and leave your comments or questions, I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time ...   


The above seven principles are the ways you can achieve the happiness that you can share to everyone.  Create it within yourself.  Establish your self with happiness and you will realize that success is within your reach.  Being a happy person is one of the best attribute to the world.  Happiness is contagious so share it flaunt it!

Think Positive Be Positive!

Meet The MACs

Hey!  Happy Sunday everyone!  I am please to present to you my family which I call The MACs, short for The Macalintals.  Hahaha! I'm imitating my celebrity idol for that A.K.A.

He is my huggable esposo.  He's just so comfortable with shirt and pants everywhere we go.  Buti na lang nagpa-picture sya with me.  He rarely allow me to take a photo of him.  Shy type or I call it a private person.  He don't like social media, flaunting everything.  But I'm spoiled,  kahit ayaw nya, he allowed me to be into this.  Oh well! A very supportive husband and my number one fan.  By the way, that photo was taken by my eldest son Marco.  He volunteered to capture this moment.  So kahit hindi masyadong bihis na bihis ang Dadeh, ay napa-pose na rin. hehehe!

 He is Marco, my eldest.  A very smart boy, hyper and according to him he is an introvert because he rarely play with kids of his age and he thinks intuitively.  I don't know what he means by that, basta ang alam ko iba ang trip nya.  Ang tawag ko sa kanya ay "Boy Tanong".  He has lots of questions about anything under the sun,  as in.  Nakakaumay! Hehehe! He's totally Macki's replica, to his looks, to his body frame and to his attitude.  But.....they argue most of the time.  Hahahaha!  And he is a comedian.  I am a typical Mom who laughs at his joke kahit corny. hihihi!

He is Ron, eight year old boy who loves airplanes.  He is into paper folding and most of his art is a jet plane.  He call it F16 Fighter Plane.  He was brainwashed by his Dad to be an airforce pilot.  That's why according to him he is studying well but nobody is perfect.  Kaya okey lang hindi sya maka-perfect sa exams.  Hahahaha!  He is a very sweet kid and love by everyone.  He always make me laugh kahit hindi sya nag-jo-joke. hihihihi! Ang dami kasi ng bloopers.

At the end of the day, these three boys make me COMPLETE.  They teach me how to be more responsible for my self and to other people.  They support me all the way to all my plans and goals.  Thank you Lord for these humans.  They make me a better person.

And of course...........yours truly.  The person who is gandang-ganda sa kanyang sarili.  Di papahuli....hahahaha!

I know what you're thinking.  "Saan ang lakad, Teh?" Hahahaha! I'm going to church and then to the grocery after....... with my boys.

Oh ha!  I'm just being happy for what I have.  "A healthy and happy family."  And that is everything.

We are The MACs

Think Positive Be Positive!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Stay Productive!

Hold fast to dreams, For if dreams die, Life is a broken-winged bird, That cannot fly.”  ― Langston Hughes

According to Renee-my office mate, "Start Small, Dream Big!".  And I am absorbing it and well-motivated!  How can I start small that will lead to my big dreams?????? Me, myself and I according to Marco-my eldest son, is the answer.  Staying productive everyday will make small things bigger. I can do it!

I'm so delighted with below info graphic from Hi Task because it totally guides me in dealing my daily routine.  Doing several tasks 24/7 is no joke.  Doing my 8-5 bookkeeper job, blogging, reading, photography, fitness, household task and mommy and wifey duties are such a stressful activity.  It's really challenging because my house help is not regular.  So I'm doing it all.  Huh!  I love my life!  I'm holding on for my dreams!

Kindly check out below plan because it motivates me a lot. 

Stay motivated!

Think Positive Be Positive!
Thursday, March 27, 2014

5th of my 15 Books to read

Rich Dad Poor Dad
By Robert Kiyosaki

Borrowed book from my office mate
Thank you so much to my office mate Renee for lending me this book.  Nakatipid ako! Hehehe!  Wow! Rich Dad Poor Dad change my perspective about MONEY.  It's not that, I became greedy but how I am going to treat money in my ever day life.  This book inspire me so much in all my plans.  I wish nabasa ko ito 15 years ago.  Me and my husband are into finance books lately.  We are addicted to be successful.  Syempre sino ba naman ang ayaw, if we have a chance di ba.  But it's not a matter of chance, it's a matter of choice.  The reason why we spend our time learning, saving and investing.  Because of this book, I realized that we mismanaged our finances.  From our income, we acquire liabilities not assets.  So thank you to Robert Kiyosaki for awakening our minds on how to handle our finances and how to teach our kids about money.  So we are starting to increase our financial intelligence to enjoy the better life.

I'd like to share some statements from this book that awakened my mind.

"Deep down you were terrified of taking risks.  You really wanted to win, but the fear of losing was greater than the excitement of winning.  Deep inside, you and you only will know you didn't go for it.  You chose to play it safe."

"Money is a form of POWER.  But what is more powerful is financial education.  Money comes and goes, but if you have the education about how money works, you gain power over it and can begin building wealth.  The reason positive thinking alone does not work is because most people went to school and never learned how money works, so they spend their lives working for money."

"It is perfectly normal to desire something better, prettier, more fun or exciting.  So people also work for money because of DESIRE.  They desire money for the joy they think it can buy.  But the joy that money brings is often short lived, and they soon need more money for more joy, more pleasure, more comfort, more security.  So they keep working, thinking money will soothe their souls that are troubled by fear and desire.  But money can't do that."

 "It is not how much money you make, it's how much you keep and many generations you can keep it."

"The poor and the middle class often buy luxury items such as big houses, diamonds. furs, jewelry or boats because they want to look rich.  they look rich, but in reality they just get deeper in debt or credit."  (Awwwww....... tumpak na tumpak!)

"Being a good learners, sellers and marketers we need to be good teachers as well as good students.  To be truly rich, we need to be able to give as well as to receive."

"Failure inspires winners.  And failures defeats losers.  It is the biggest secret of winners.  It's a secret that losers do not know."

"Copying or emulating heroes is  true power of learning.  But heroes do more than simply inspire us.  Heroes make things look easy.  It is making it look easy that convinces us to want to be just like them.  If they can do it, so can I."

"Money is only an idea.  Learn to have money work hard for you and your life will be easier and happier.  Today, don't play it safe, play it smart."

Thank you for spending time reading my review.  I hope you get something from it.

Think Positive Be Positive!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Summer Reading Camp

Hey good aftee everyone!

Finally, vacation is here!!!!  and I'm celebrating.... Haaayyyy!  Ang sarap I can extend my sleep in the morning.  Oh yeah! I love my bed.   hihihi! Oh well! I'm sorry, I'm just enjoying my favorite "me time", staying in bed.

So....... what about?????

Not only mommies are so delighted with school break but especially the kids.  But we have to keep them busy during vacation.  We need to provide them ways how to enjoy a meaningful and enjoyable vacation.  I am thinking of enrolling them into their favorite sports to have some exercise and gain self-confidence.  You know my boys are so hyper.  Staying at our tiny place is a torture to them.  So they need to go out and have some activities.  That's why I got interest with the post of  DiksyonaryoAtbp   for their Summer Camp.

I mentioned before that I encourage my kids to read more as I do because I believe that reading can enhance better communication and cultivate creativity. A well-versed in communication is important in dealing with our present fast-paced life.   But let's admit that some kids really don't love reading because of many destruction.  That's why we parents should find several ways to impart love for reading.

It's good that this summer camp is free. It is one way to enjoy kids summer vacation and we parents can also have the chance to support their advocacy.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could spend ONE DAY reading under the trees, like the good old days?
This summer, DIKSYONARYOATBP, a non-proft non-stock non-government organization is hosting a SUMMER READING CAMP at the Luneta grounds (Lapu-Lapu monument side), from 10am-12noon and 4pm-6pm on May 3 (Saturday) 2014.

There will be tents set-up for this first of its kind reading camp where kids can participate in any or all of the following:

  • READING CORNER –read all the books they want from Filipino writers c/o Adarna House Publishing
  • ART CORNER – unleash their inner artist by engaging in art activities related to their favorite stories
  • STORYTELLING CORNER – listen as your favorite Filipino children’s literature comes alive in the voice of the best storytellers around

Aside from participating in these events, parents/ children can also avail of Adarna books on site, which they can donate for DiksyonaryoAtbp’s future projects or take home for themselves.

This event aims to rekindle and encourage a genuine love for reading in Filipino children, by spending one whole day doing reading related activities, ALL FOR FREE.

To register your child, please click this

Think Positive Be Positive!
Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How to Reduce and Manage Stress

We all know that stress is the most harmful activity nowadays.  But somehow, if you don't experience stress it's quite boring.  We always encounter stress because of the fast-paced life and nothing to do but to deal with it.  So we must know how to manage it and here are my ways to live stress-free.

Grabbed from Lifehack
Think Positive Be Positive!
Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Be the Light

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Everyone of us is aiming for a better life, right?  Not just having enough money to live but more important is how we experience the peace, joy and love everyday.  As part of my personality development goal, I subscribe to Valorie Burton's blog.  Because she helped me how to meditate, know myself more and share the positivity.

Today I want to share to you her challenge to share the LIGHT within ourselves.


Dear Friends,
This week, I would like to remind you of one of your most important "divine assignments" - being a light that draws people closer to God. No matter what your purpose in life, this is an underlying mission: Living your life in such a way that people say to themselves, "There's something different about that person and I want to know how to experience some of that peace, joy and love in my own life."

Matthew 5: 14-16 says, "You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead, they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven."

Here are five ways you can exemplify this principle:

Letting your light shine means letting all that is good within you come forth. There is so much negativity swirling around us on a daily basis that when good enters our environment, it brings light to the darkness. It is a refreshing burst of clean air. Be sensitive to the needs of others. Find ways to be a blessing - even simple ways such as being a courteous driver, thoughtful friend, and kind co-worker.

2. REFUSE TO BE JUDGMENTAL.   One of the fastest ways to turn people away from God is to judge them. You can acknowledge that a person has done wrong without condemning them for it. Remember that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Perhaps you would never do what someone else did that was terrible, but you know what? We've all done things for which we needed to be forgiven, and by grace, we received forgiveness. Be merciful to others. Choose to pray for those you feel tempted to judge. Embrace and support them when they are trying to do better. When you do this, they will be more likely to be curious about the faith you profess.

Notice, I did not say, Speak up for what is "right." Too often, we confuse "being right" with "doing right." Focus more on the latter. In every instance and especially every conflict, it is essential that you treat people justly - to ensure that those who cross your path are better off for having done so. If you are in a work or personal situation in which others are being cheated, disrespected or done a disservice, let your light shine and speak up. You can do so in a way that is direct, yet calm, straightforward and non-judgmental.

If you are going to let your light shine, unfortunately, it will be hard to do so and fit in everywhere you go. In some environments, simply smiling and speaking to people in a kind way will cause you to seem odd. Choose to be more concerned with being a vessel of truth and love on a daily basis than fitting in with the world's standards.

5. DON'T HIDE YOUR SPIRITUAL LIFE.   One of the most common ways you can dim your own light is to pretend publicly that God is not central to your way of life. If God is an important part of who you are, there is no need to have a private relationship you keep to yourself, and a public persona that never acknowledges your own spirituality. You don't need a Bible on your desk or a preacher's robe to share your faith with others. When opportunities present themselves to share where your strength comes from in difficult times, or to acknowledge how God has protected or blessed you, be honest. Your faith is a part of who you are. When you free yourself to be who you are, you also free others to be who they truly are.

 Until next time ... 
We just need to choose one to Be The Light to anyone because being so can lead our hearts to peace and happiness.

Let us be better today than yesterday.

Think Positive Be Positive!
Monday, March 17, 2014

Improve our day and make a meaning

Everyday, I look for motivations to make my day better than yesterday. Choose yours and rock your day!

Grabbed from Lifehack

Have a beautiful Tuesday everyone!

Think Positive Be Positive!
Sunday, March 16, 2014


I love fashion!  I admire fashion and ramp models.  At present time, anybody can be a model because of that #OOTD in instagram.  Sometimes,  I do my own version.  Hehehe! Hindi makatiis na makiuso.
Of course, feeling ko ang ganda ko kasi at katulad ako ng mga idols ko na celebrity.  Hahaha!  So,,,,, excuse me lang po.  Pasensya na kung masakit sa mata.
Anyway,  I'm not a fan of collecting shoes, bags, clothes and accessories.  I also don't like wearing make up and nail polish.  Simply because I'm lazy doing all that.  Except of course if there is formal party that I really need to look nice.  I just have two pairs of shoes that I can wear during office and parties.  I have few sets of clothes that I can use during some gathering.  Why???? Because having so much clothes is not practical to me.  I have small closet, I have low budget and I have uniform in the office.  As well as shoes and accessories.  That's why I can't have my OOTD most of the time.  In short, paulet ulet lang ang outfit ko.  But I can't resist to share my OOTD now. Hahaha!Kasi makapal ang face.

Weekender by SM Dept Store for my long shirt, Nine West shoes, SM Dept. Store accessories for arm candies and Call it Spring shoulder bag plus my old earnings and Swarovski necklace from my boss.

Sorry for out of focus shot by my super hubby.

Anyway, my pose is inspired by Jenni Epperson.

Welcome another week of excitement and thrill!

Think Positive Be Positive!
Friday, March 14, 2014

Selfie Friday


Lately, I've been looking for something new about myself.  Wala lang! Just to break the routinely way of life.  This is it!  My new hair cut.  My summer hair style.  I ask my boys if it's okey for a short hair but they said no.  So,,,,,, medium length is fine.

I had hair treatment and hair cut at Tony and Jackey, Malate Branch by sexy Elly.  I love my black bouncy hair.  Goodluck for maintaining this hairstyle. hahaha! Hello fly aways!

It's selfie friday baby!

It's also a self portrait practice.  More to learn!

Happy weekend everyone.

Think Positive Be Positive!
Thursday, March 6, 2014

No Non-Sense Personal Finance -4th of my 15 books to read

How do you define laziness?  For me laziness is to sleep more than my usual number of hours.  I called myself lazy when I do my siesta mode during weekend.  It's my "hilata day"!  When I sleep early even I'm not yet done with my routine.  Plus skipping my morning work out and extending my sleep until 7:00 am without care if my kids have gone to school.  Yes it is!  For two weeks, I've been like that.  I'm so "tamaaaaaad"!  And those were the weeks of my laziness. Despite the fact that I've done reading Eat that Frog. Ha!ha!  Maybe my body just need a rest to compensate for the tiring days.  And I'm finally energized with my plans this summer.  Getting more so excited because days are running like a marathon.  I'm back with my reading, exercise and tutoring.  Besides I just read that laziness can affect my health and wealth.  Waaahhhh! Go up! go up! and keep moving on..... No to lazy days and turn on the #sipagmode.........

So to start with,  I'd like to share my latest read.  It is written by Randell Tiongson, a personal finance coach and trainer. Please visit his site to know more about him.

Third to the last page of his book, he cited the real reasons why we need to be financially empowered.  And I can relate to all his justification.  Last year,  I started reading finance books to gain financial freedom.  Why?  Because I want to have a house with guest room.  Yeah, I am always expecting guests. ha!ha!   I also like to secure the education of my children.  Knowing that tuition fees are nakakalunooooooood.  I dream of a good future for my kids and they can achieve that if they have good education.  I want to travel and explore the world.  I want to retire young. I want to have a financial freedom for my needs and for sharing.

The book inputs a lot of information to me. The author gave the step by step guide on how to achieve the financial freedom I am dreaming.  If you follow all the steps, you will surely gain your goal.  It's a practical way how to live a balance life, happy and secure.  Steps one to three focused on how to manage well the cash flow, paying debt and establishing emergency funds, respectively.  Which requires discipline and change of lifestyle.  It will be very easy if guided by a goal.  I can relate easily because I'm practicing such steps.

Fourth and fifth steps are the topics that interests me.  It is like I'm reading my finance book way back in college. The author enumerated the different types of insurance and the differences of each type.  Randell Tiongson helped me compute the amount of insurance policy that I need.  I like the TIP he shared when talking to an insurance agent.

TIP: If you notice that the advisor is in a hurry to close a sale and is more concerned about meeting his sales quota than your welfare, you might want to look for another advisor.  

Di ba minsan, nakakainis ang mga agent sa sobrang kulit.  But let us understand that they are working and at the same time helping us to secure our future.  But Randell said, "it is wise to determine first the amount of life insurance you need".  That will be the first guide in securing life protection.

And the last step is about investing.  The author also gave ideas to different types of investment. But not limited to that,  he also cited questionares to identify your risk tolerance that will help you in investing.  He advised that it is important to first identify the investment objective.

If you're like me who wants to achieve the financial independence, go grab a copy and this will be your first investment.

Randell Tiongson said, "Be proactive with finances, constantly learn and explore; don't be afraid to try new ideas but never test the waters with both your feet, lest you down.  Take chances, try new ideas but always be guided by sensibility.  As long as as you have good foundations in finance, I know you will stand the test of time and your goals will soon be a reality."

Good luck to me and to YOU!

Think Positive, Be Positive!