Thursday, March 6, 2014

No Non-Sense Personal Finance -4th of my 15 books to read

How do you define laziness?  For me laziness is to sleep more than my usual number of hours.  I called myself lazy when I do my siesta mode during weekend.  It's my "hilata day"!  When I sleep early even I'm not yet done with my routine.  Plus skipping my morning work out and extending my sleep until 7:00 am without care if my kids have gone to school.  Yes it is!  For two weeks, I've been like that.  I'm so "tamaaaaaad"!  And those were the weeks of my laziness. Despite the fact that I've done reading Eat that Frog. Ha!ha!  Maybe my body just need a rest to compensate for the tiring days.  And I'm finally energized with my plans this summer.  Getting more so excited because days are running like a marathon.  I'm back with my reading, exercise and tutoring.  Besides I just read that laziness can affect my health and wealth.  Waaahhhh! Go up! go up! and keep moving on..... No to lazy days and turn on the #sipagmode.........

So to start with,  I'd like to share my latest read.  It is written by Randell Tiongson, a personal finance coach and trainer. Please visit his site to know more about him.

Third to the last page of his book, he cited the real reasons why we need to be financially empowered.  And I can relate to all his justification.  Last year,  I started reading finance books to gain financial freedom.  Why?  Because I want to have a house with guest room.  Yeah, I am always expecting guests. ha!ha!   I also like to secure the education of my children.  Knowing that tuition fees are nakakalunooooooood.  I dream of a good future for my kids and they can achieve that if they have good education.  I want to travel and explore the world.  I want to retire young. I want to have a financial freedom for my needs and for sharing.

The book inputs a lot of information to me. The author gave the step by step guide on how to achieve the financial freedom I am dreaming.  If you follow all the steps, you will surely gain your goal.  It's a practical way how to live a balance life, happy and secure.  Steps one to three focused on how to manage well the cash flow, paying debt and establishing emergency funds, respectively.  Which requires discipline and change of lifestyle.  It will be very easy if guided by a goal.  I can relate easily because I'm practicing such steps.

Fourth and fifth steps are the topics that interests me.  It is like I'm reading my finance book way back in college. The author enumerated the different types of insurance and the differences of each type.  Randell Tiongson helped me compute the amount of insurance policy that I need.  I like the TIP he shared when talking to an insurance agent.

TIP: If you notice that the advisor is in a hurry to close a sale and is more concerned about meeting his sales quota than your welfare, you might want to look for another advisor.  

Di ba minsan, nakakainis ang mga agent sa sobrang kulit.  But let us understand that they are working and at the same time helping us to secure our future.  But Randell said, "it is wise to determine first the amount of life insurance you need".  That will be the first guide in securing life protection.

And the last step is about investing.  The author also gave ideas to different types of investment. But not limited to that,  he also cited questionares to identify your risk tolerance that will help you in investing.  He advised that it is important to first identify the investment objective.

If you're like me who wants to achieve the financial independence, go grab a copy and this will be your first investment.

Randell Tiongson said, "Be proactive with finances, constantly learn and explore; don't be afraid to try new ideas but never test the waters with both your feet, lest you down.  Take chances, try new ideas but always be guided by sensibility.  As long as as you have good foundations in finance, I know you will stand the test of time and your goals will soon be a reality."

Good luck to me and to YOU!

Think Positive, Be Positive!


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