Friday, January 29, 2016

How to Have an Amazing 2016

Hello Yamisweeters!  Kumusta naman ang buhay-buhay? First month of the year is about to end.  Anong ginawa mo sa unang buwan ng 2016?  Ikaw ba ay nag-sipag, nagbago ng outlook sa buhay o just stay the same kasi sobrang saya mo sa comfort zone mo?

This time, I want to share to you how I spent my January and how it affects my life.  Alam na...... approaching to mid-life at ang dami ng mga realization na I think naman ay makakatulong sa bonggang life.  And because naumpisahan mo nang basahin itong aking kwento eh I am praying na ma-bless ka with my sharing.

Bukod sa pagpapatuloy ng buhay sa pamilya at sa trabaho, ang isa pa sa aming pinagkakaabalahan ay ang weekly prayer meeting at The Feast Bay Area.  Ito po ay isang Catholic gathering sa iba't-ibang malalaking events place sa Bay Area in Manila. Merong Holy Mass at one-hour powerful talk.  To start the year, the series is about How to be #blessed and have an amazing 2016.

At gusto kong i-share sa inyo ang aking reflection sa mga talks in four Sundays.

According to the good-looking preachers of The Feast Bay Area, there are four simple ways how to have an amazing 2016.  Gusto mo bang maging Amazing ang iyong taon?  Kahit patapos na ang January, pwedeng-pwede ka pang humabol at magsimula ng bagong habits para ma-achieve ang bonggang life na pinapangarap mo.  At eto na yung apat na paraan.

1. Be a Wow-derful Person

Sabi ni Bro. Bo, "Say wow more often." Always say "wow" to your spouse, children, workmates, friends and even strangers for the small efforts.  It is like wearing a "wow" glasses wherein you will become amazed at everything. You see the value of little things and you look at ordinary things extraordinarily.  You become grateful and appreciative of your blessings and possessions.  Unlike if you wear the "whatever" glasses, everything is dull.  You end up not caring at all because you loss your excitement and gratitude.  Parang sa commercial lang. "Nakita ko na yan...."  Your sense of wonder dies.  

And being a wow-derful person can gain Wealth, Wisdom and Welcome.  

It attracts richer life(spiritually, socially and even financially).  You will see simple things that can make you constantly happy.  And when you are happy you can strategize more of your goals.

It also encourages to listen to and get wisdom from other people's stories.  We became interested to other people's ideas that can help us to grow. According to Bro. Bo, be a sponge of wisdom.  The more wisdom the merrier, of course.  You can do a lot of things.

And wonder is a sign of humility because we look at ordinary people and see the 'extra' in them. Wonder leads to love.

When you look at things in life and at other people, don't just take them for something worth five dollars.  Look at them with eyes of 'wow' and wonder, as if they were a painting worth 50 million dollars.- Bro. Bo Sanchez

2. Remain Hungry; Keep Wishing

On this session, we attended The Feast with our dream board.  We must remain hungry for contentment and abundance.  We should not settle to our comfort zone because everyone of us has a mission to be abundant to serve others.  We have a mission to fulfill our own dreams to inspire and help other people.  And most of the time, we become impatient with setting our aspirations because it is left unfulfilled for a quite a long time.  We became hopeless and frustrated.  According to the preachers, we must rejoice with every step towards achieving our dreams.  It is the case of planting the seeds.  In God's time, the fulfillment of our heart's desire would be ready to harvest.  All we need to do is to believe because we deserve it and we can do it.  Continue to ask God for guidance because He gives generously to all without finding fault and it will be given in His own time.

Believe! You deserve it. You can do it.-Bro. George Gabriel 

3. Uberize your Work

Uberize means working hard as if your working for the Lord.  We should ASK and ACT.  According to Bro. Bo, there are four types of people in this world:

  • those who wait for things to happen
  • those who complain why things don't happen
  • those who wonder what happened; and
  • those who make things happen
Sino ka dyan?  Are you the kind of person who wants to make things happen or you just wait things to happen.  Kung para sa akin, para sa akin yan while doing nothing.  When we have dreams we can ASK the Lord to help us with it but we have to ACT.  Gusto mo ng promotion sa office mo but you're always late.  You don't show enthusiasm on working very well.  Yet you are expecting for an increase in your salary.  Assess yourself, what are you doing that can make you AMAZING.

They used the story of the wedding feast in Cana.  Jesus Christ perform his first miracle.  There is no enough wine for the party but Jesus Christ made a miracle using water. With this story, the preachers composed the pattern of miracle. Nothing-Something-Amazing

From nothing, they get something then they found it amazing.

And that is how we can apply to our own life miracles.  From nothing(ASK) we can put something(ACT) then we will find AMAZING miracle.  Let us uberize our work, let's go extra mile, let's do anything not ask us to do and work harder.  By doing that we are learning and we are turning ourselves into amazing person.

4. Avoid Worry, Weary and Wackos

These are the three attitudes that we have to avoid to attract blessings and live the Amazing life. 

a. Stop Worrying and focus on the kingdom of God.  Seek God first.   

Here are the antidotes of Worrying

  • Work- "the more you work, the less you worry".  The foundation of our dream is WORK.  When we do our work we are financially worry less and we know our self-worth.
  • WORSHIP-we need to worship when we are not in control.  

b. Fight weariness

How to go beyond weariness?

  • when you're tired, remind yourself your emotional PURPOSE.  What is you reason why are doing such thing.
  • do things passionately.  You enjoy what you are doing.
  • maintain your personhood.  Practice your stability, that no matter circumstances you are in, your identity to give more, good habit and good character remains in you.
c. Avoiding wackos

Wackos are people's judgement and the voices you create and hear in you mind(I have a lot of these).  These are doubts, insecurities and intimidation.   

Keep believing.  Trust God.  Avoid negative vibes. Go on, dream on because with God nothing is impossible.  

Proclaim I'm possible.-Alvin Barcelona

 Oh yeah, isn't amazing?  We are reminded on how are we going to attain a wonderful life.  I hope and pray that all our wishes, dreams and goals will be achieved this year.  Let's all #push and go extra mile.

Have an amazing 2016!!


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  1. Ayan sa wakas I can comment na hehe. Whenever I come up with a really good and useful article I'd bookmark it or save it to my phone for future rereading. This one of yours is definitely for keep. I just had to give you a wow ate Yams you inspired me to go keep moving forward. These days I badly needed the motivation and all that. I was asking myself if I was on the right track. I attended the feast last sunday and today I read your post, so lucky me I feel better! Have and amazing 2016 ate Yams, God bless you sharing the positive vibes. Rock on!

  2. Naku sa comment mo. Nakakaboost naman ng emotional energy. It's nice to know nag-aattend ka sa The Feast. I-continue mo lang yan madami kang matutunan dun. Don't worry, maayos mo din ang schedule mo at magagawa mo din ang mga gusto mo. Isang advice lang, you really need to delegate. Yung mga bagay na pwedeng gawin na ng iba, i-delegate mo na. kasi kung hindi mauubos ang oras mo na hindi mo nagawa yung mas mahalaga at mas makakatulong sa pag achieve mo ng goals. Pero maayos mo rin yan. Kumbaga nasa transition period ka pa. Kaya okey lang yan. Basta push lang.

    Cheers to success!!!


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