Sunday, March 30, 2014

Meet The MACs

Hey!  Happy Sunday everyone!  I am please to present to you my family which I call The MACs, short for The Macalintals.  Hahaha! I'm imitating my celebrity idol for that A.K.A.

He is my huggable esposo.  He's just so comfortable with shirt and pants everywhere we go.  Buti na lang nagpa-picture sya with me.  He rarely allow me to take a photo of him.  Shy type or I call it a private person.  He don't like social media, flaunting everything.  But I'm spoiled,  kahit ayaw nya, he allowed me to be into this.  Oh well! A very supportive husband and my number one fan.  By the way, that photo was taken by my eldest son Marco.  He volunteered to capture this moment.  So kahit hindi masyadong bihis na bihis ang Dadeh, ay napa-pose na rin. hehehe!

 He is Marco, my eldest.  A very smart boy, hyper and according to him he is an introvert because he rarely play with kids of his age and he thinks intuitively.  I don't know what he means by that, basta ang alam ko iba ang trip nya.  Ang tawag ko sa kanya ay "Boy Tanong".  He has lots of questions about anything under the sun,  as in.  Nakakaumay! Hehehe! He's totally Macki's replica, to his looks, to his body frame and to his attitude.  But.....they argue most of the time.  Hahahaha!  And he is a comedian.  I am a typical Mom who laughs at his joke kahit corny. hihihi!

He is Ron, eight year old boy who loves airplanes.  He is into paper folding and most of his art is a jet plane.  He call it F16 Fighter Plane.  He was brainwashed by his Dad to be an airforce pilot.  That's why according to him he is studying well but nobody is perfect.  Kaya okey lang hindi sya maka-perfect sa exams.  Hahahaha!  He is a very sweet kid and love by everyone.  He always make me laugh kahit hindi sya nag-jo-joke. hihihihi! Ang dami kasi ng bloopers.

At the end of the day, these three boys make me COMPLETE.  They teach me how to be more responsible for my self and to other people.  They support me all the way to all my plans and goals.  Thank you Lord for these humans.  They make me a better person.

And of course...........yours truly.  The person who is gandang-ganda sa kanyang sarili.  Di papahuli....hahahaha!

I know what you're thinking.  "Saan ang lakad, Teh?" Hahahaha! I'm going to church and then to the grocery after....... with my boys.

Oh ha!  I'm just being happy for what I have.  "A healthy and happy family."  And that is everything.

We are The MACs

Think Positive Be Positive!


  1. I have a friend whose last name is Macalintal. And we call her JMac.hehehe
    Beautiful family! :)

  2. Thank you so much for you comment!


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