Thursday, February 27, 2014

Summer is Here!

It's last day of February and the month of Love passed just like a finger snap. Huh?! Oh well! It means summer is here!  I'm so excited to feel the heat of a summer sun on beaches here in the south. I look forward for the beautiful landscapes plus the happiness of vacation.  I'm smiling while bikinis, tropical fruits and water sports are painting in my mind. Haaayyy! Life is really so beautiful.  A lot to look forward and enjoy the fruit of labor.  For now, we have at least one month to prepare for the "Bakasyon Grande".  What's the first thing in mind during summer?  Of course, our OOTD's in bikinis, sunglasses, fashionable hats, flip flops, colorful cover ups and flawless skin. (Flirty giggle!)

Yey! Let's get ready to trim down some fats to be more confident with our OOTD's and filled your facebook album-Summer 2014. (Oh! yeah!) That's pretty cool!

Remember this photo? (weeeeeeee............)
Summer 2013 at Pico De Loro
This year, I want to add some curve and muscle. I dream to post a photo with front shot.(ha!ha!ha! I'm not losing hope, you know!)

Opppsss! Let me explain.  This is just part of my mid-life crisis.  A longing for being younger and hotter. haha!  Sorry ha! masyado bang iwwww.... and trying hard?  Well! I just want to prove that doing exercise has plenty benefits. That's all! Gayahin nyo na lang.

Join me to bring my dreams into reality.  Please check out these exercises to help burn and add curves.

Grabbed from Lifehack
You don't need to spend money on enrolling in a fitness center just for this summer.  Just wake up a little earlier and devote time for your muscle. The more sets you do the merrier.  Go, print it and start it tomorrow!

Grabbed from Lifehack

Since, I want to focus on my ABS. Naks! Yeah! "belly bulge".   This one's for me.  I tried this set this morning and it make me feel hotter. (hehe!) Because my heart beats a little faster, my muscles are bit tighter and my blood vessels receives some pressure so it helps a good blood circulation. That's why my legs and arms are feel hotter. Sounds healthier, di ba?

And that's one of our goal, to be healthier.  Being sexy is just a side effect of exerting effort to exercise eh.  According to the finance book I am reading now(No Non-sense Personal Finance).  The very first step in achieving financial freedom is to INVEST in ourselves first.  When we do fitness thingy,  we are investing our time and effort to be stronger.  We can be better provider for our family because we are energetic and always on the go.  Hindi tayo putlain at antukin.  We always have energy to answer all the question of our smart kids.  We can deal with burn out parenting because we are physical and emotionally healthy.

But you still want a hard core work out, kasi you have limited time at sobrang inspire kayo sa post ko.(hi!hi!)  Try these other sets.

Grabbed from Lifehack

Grabbed from Lifehack

 I have a reminder pala.  Before you do those exercises, you have to warm up first.  Do a little jog or do some ups and downs on your stairs or do the jumping rope until your heart beats a little faster.  Plus stretching like what we learned from our elementary school.

One more thing,  it's also important to add positive thinking.  Tell yourself after you wake up, "I can do these! I can do these! I can do these! Until your mind absorbs it and everything will be an easy pessy work out.

Good luck!!!!

Another important part of being healthy is our food intake.  Never ever skip meal when you attempt to do those  exercises above or else you will be burned out.

Just choose the food you're going to take.  Meaning from now on, choosy ka na sa food.  Hindi yung kung anong ibigay na pagkain sa'yo ay lalantakan mo.  Slow down especially if its "libre".

As I've said before, the very effective food that helps me to reduce fats are Nestle Fitnesse, Fit and Right, saba banaba, sweet potato, fish (no to meat muna), all kinds of vegetables and fruits.  Instead na french fries and burger ang snack ko, banana na lang.  Cheaper pa!  You know dieting is really effective.  You can save a lot of money.  Put into your mind that the money you will save by dieting can be the funds you can use to pay your overdue credit card bills that incur a high interest rates.  So it's a double purpose thingy.  Fit and healthy plus debt free pa!  Or if you don't have utang because you manage well your hard earned money, you can use your saved money to put into an emergency fund or investment fund(e.g. stock market, mutual funds or insurance funds).  That's really cool, isn't! that will be my next post!

So,,,,,are you inspired o lazy duck pa din?  At the end, it's your choice.  Choose to be healthy and happy or lazy and sad. (hihihi)  I'm just motivating, kayang kaya yan. It's for you, no one else! So....... exercise na!

Opppssss! Last thing!  You need an inspiration to do.  Find photos of Anne Curtis,  Bianca Gonzales or Solenn Heussaff and print it.  Put it in a place where you can always see it. For you to inspire every time you do your fitness.

My fitspiration is this Latina beauty Naya Rivera of Glee.  I like the abs na muscle muscle. Hahaha!  Good pose for summer di ba?  Sosyal!!!!!

  Go! Go! Go! Let's enjoy life.

Love our Body!

Do you have some inputs for me to achieve that ABS? (wag lang expensive ha! kuripot ako eh!)


  1. First and fresh to comment, is me! Haha! I'll do the abs ;-)

  2. Kaya yan! hinay hinay hanggang sa masanay ang abs tapos hahanap hanapin na ng katawan mo. di ba bongga!!


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