Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Starting over Again

This month of love seems so hectic for me.  I started out with 3M1D’s very first client.  And the following weeks focused on the target date to deliver the products (photos, album and video) plus editing and lay outs.  And finally, I’m done with the album.  I’ll wait for 4-7 days for printing then dyarrrrannnn, ready for delivery.  So I have to go back to my love,,,,,it’s blogging.  It’s my ultimate goal, to write and express more.  I know I have problems with grammar and composition. Yeah,,, but that’s what I want to improve.  I really want to write beautifully (dreaming!). Why not???? So here I am again ruining your day with my stories that are usual and for some it’s boring.  But for me, it’s exciting!  Pagbigyan nyo na ako, pls.

I want to you share to you my weekend date.  My friends and I were always planning for a meet up since last year pa. They are living in Batangas City, working and mother too so having a time to catch up is so rare and needs future planning and scheduling.  We had several attempts but always failed.  I said to them, by hook or by crook, cancel all your schedules and let’s meet to watch “Starting Over Again”.  Meet half-way so no excuses with the place.  I’m from Manila and they’re from Batangas City.  Lipa City is the most convenient place.  The date came and thanks God we finally meet at SM Lipa.  We had a short snack at Old Spaghetti House.  I like the interior design of the restaurant.  Lately, I notice myself I have keen eyes for interiors. Hmmmmm!  Bakit kaya??? I'm conscious with the interior of every place I visit.

I love their chairs!

I love the wall decors!

We tried the Trio Treat.
Appetizer Basket: Onion Rings and Calamares
Pesto for Pasta
Supremo for Pizza
A pitcher of Iced Tea

With our lovely smiles

Picture picture of course
Pasimple lang kaya by two's ang photos! hehe

After the short snack we head to the movie house and the que is too long.  We decided to go for the next screening time until we urge to follow the looooong line.  Of course as expected we seated at the staircase and literally brushing shoulders.
The movie is so entertaining and I didn’t notice the people always having excuses for passing in and out.  I didn’t mind also my position that my knees feel little pains. Hahaha! Tumatanda na kasi.

It was such a nice story.  A story of moving on!  Yun ang uso ngayon eh, MOVING ON!  Don’t hang on with the past because we can always “Start over Again”. And we can see what future will bring to a happier YOU.

We also had a nice laugh to the character of Ginny and a lot of tears too.  Yeah, I admit mababa ang luha ko sa mga stories palagi akong nakakarelate eh.  If you haven't watch it, try! It's a feel good movie.

After the movie, we still have time to have a coffee to continue the chika minute.  So many to talk about.

Oh! I love it!

Sya ang taya sa coffee! hehehe!

This is so cute!

My friends I feel so comfortable with
Being with them is such a great feelings.  I can be myself.  I can talk the way I want.  I can share my opinion without worries that they will judge me for whatever I will say.  They will correct me if I'm wrong.  I'm confident that they accept me for whoever I am.  They are proud and happy for me.  That's it!  Even if we don't see each other always, we feel at ease with each others company.  I always look for a moment to talk with them personally.  I found sincere happiness with them.

I drove home past 8:00 pm. While driving alone, I felt the refreshed emotion though I'm physically tired because of hormonal imbalance.  I gained myself again after so many things to attend.  It's an ice breaker.   

What a beautiful and meaningful day for me!

I got to attain again my focus on things I have to do.  After all busyness,  I can start over again with my daily routine.  My exercise, blogging, reading and learning!

I have to catch up with my reading goal.  My third and fourth of fifteen books to read.  Due for this month of February. Rock on!  

 Of many things I want to do, I need to learn how to eat my frog and learn more about finances.

You,,,, how can you start over again????


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