Thursday, October 30, 2014

YOUR 2015 Daily Interact Certified Positive Planner is HERE!

Hi there Yamisweeters!

It's been so long......but I'm still here.  Pretty busy as always (lol!).  I am working out with my series of blog for our recent trip so stand by for my post. hehe!(Feeling may followers lang! Pagbigyan nyo na ako!)

For now, I'd like to share the e-mail I received yesterday from Certified Positive.

This planner is a best Christmas gift to yourself or for your bffs/siblings/parent.  Their first ever planner were launched last year.  I'm still using and enjoying it.  I've encountered petty errors on binding the pages but I've included it on the survey so I believe this 2015 Planner will be better.

Please check out their website and find out about the planner.

Don't forget to order! They deliver to any part of the world. So grab one now.

Yeehaw! Have a good day ahead!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Impact One

Happy Monday Yamisweeters!!!!!

Last weekend was such a full blast on my schedule.  I even missed some of my family's appointments.  I keep asking myself......why I am so busy during weekend that I suppose to rest and have a relaxed and "no schedule" moment for myself.  But,,,,sorry to say that's not the way it were.  Weekends are so physically tiring but emotionally boosting. It was so meaningful, fruitful and sensible.  Ask me why???(imitating Bo Sanchez!) Why???? Because weekends are dedicated to my family.  All my actions are for them plus we have the special day to worship GOD.  Longer hours of meditating, talking, sharing and listening to HIS words through THE FEAST at PICC.

Yesterday was the first series of #impactone.  It's an interesting topic that God is asking me to do effective today.  Be a disciple! So I am thinking of action even in my own little way to impact few.  

So, I will use this blog to impact kahit isa lang.  Kung mas marami mas masaya. 

Today, I want to share to you my subscription from Valorie Burton (she is my personal coach). Hehehe! She helps me in my every day life. She keeps reminding me to be on my goals with humble heart.  
(Note: You can subscribe too, just click the link)

Please read her letter to me today.  This reminder might be for you too.

Week 42:  Gear Up, Don't Give Up! 
Dear Friend, 

There's often a point as you are moving towards your vision when things just get hard. You get tired. The road is longer than you expected it to be, and you wonder if things will ever come together. And to be honest, you feel like giving up. In fact, you can try to convince yourself that the vision is not all that big of a deal. You don't really want it that much. Yeah, that's right. You'll be just fine without it.
But your spirit knows that is not true. And today, I want to encourage you to gear up, rather than give up. Gear up for the final stretch! Stay in the game. Admit you want it. You really want it. And you are willing to go all out to get it. If it doesn't work out, you'll deal with the devastation then. But today, you're all in! Fear of disappointment tempts us to pretend our desires aren't that important. Courage says, "I want it and I'm willing to risk failure and heartache to get it." Where is this message true for you right now? Maybe it is the relationship you desire or the financial breakthrough or the dream career or a family of your own or healing from a health challenge.
I just want to encourage you today to be bold and courageous. Be willing to be ridiculed for being a dreamer, an optimist, a fool. Your tenacity will be rewarded, one way or another. I'd rather be a dreamer, an optimist or fool, than a settler, a pessimist and full of regret.
My challenge to you:
Gear up, don't give up! The road might be long, but it will be worth it.
Journaling assignment:
What does this week's message mean to you? In what way do you need to gear up for the long haul? Head over to my blog and leave your comments; I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time ...   

Her words encourages me as I drive to my goals.  She uplifts me to continue dreaming and be a good person.

Be encouraged, don't give up!

Think Positive Be Positive