Monday, March 9, 2015

My Weekend Stories

Magandang Buhay Yamisweeters!

Lahat tayo ay looking forward sa weekend, di ba?  Kasi we can rest from weekdays challenges.  Pero for the #theMacs, no way.  Mas hectic ang schedule kapag weekends. Dahil boring ang Monday to Friday, bumabawe kami sa activities pag weekend.  Social skills ang aming FOCUS.  Eto yung time with our kids, "us time" naming mag-asawa, attending celebration of families, meeting new people at minsan rumaraket pa. Squeezed ang schedule namin into meetings, gathering, husband-wife date, church ministry and household things. Exhausting sya sa totoo lang pero minsan hindi talaga maiwasang magkasabay-sabay at kelangan na lang i-manage ng ayos.  Siguro part ito ng Mid-life Crisis namin.  Ang dami kasi namin gustong gawin.  We are full of ideas at gusto namin itong i-explore.  So thanks be to God for providing physical strength para magawa namin lahat ng mga activities. One best thing about the busy schedule is "bonding moment".  During driving, nakakapagkwentuhan kami.  Exchanging jokes, tsismis(haha!) and future plans.  Yun ang masaya! Kasi naman during weekdays eh stress sa work kaya less time ang kwentuhan.

So bakit ba nagku-kwento pa ako? Eh ano naman kung busy kami? (keber nyo) hihihi! Well, I just want to share our experiences.  Baka kasi nakaka-relate kayo sa amin so para damayan tayo. (lol!) I can give ideas on how to enjoy being together during busy schedules.

After sending our kids to Galileo Center, we drove to Lipa City for a meeting.  In this stage of our life, we want to explore all the opportunities that are being offered to us. We are kinda excited to meet new people, hear their views and opinions, learn new things, exchanging ideas and expertise, seeing new opportunities and learning how to socialize and win friends.  

It's a morning rush and we missed the breakfast at home.  So it's an opportunity for "us time" for brunch.  Kilig!! wala ang kids.  Haaay! sa wakas naka-pagdate din.  (weeeeee!!!!) We enjoyed our brunch at Pancake House-SLEX Petron.

Happy tummy ako at napa hastag CravingSolved ako sa Instagram using the Banana Walnut Waffle photo. During our brunch, we were able to discuss the things that we can share.  We heard each others view about the opportunity and ideas to discuss.  Actually, our conversation played as warm up para ma-stimulate na rin ang concept namin with the proposed project. I realized that it's really nice.  Good conversation can squeezed creative juices.

Tipid Tip for dining:  Wag ng mag-order ng drinks, free water na lang.  Tipid na healthy pa!

After our dining experience at Pancake House, we straight ahead to our meeting place at eto ang aming nadaanan.  Sunog!!!!!! A bush fire at SLEX along Sta. Rosa Laguna.  Scary sya! as in zero visibility.  Nakikita ko na yung apoy, as in parang kakainin kami.  Muntik na kaming bumalik.  Pero naka-move on naman ang traffic. Bumagal lang ang takbo ng mga sasakyan kasi mga ang kapal ng usok. Tsk tsk! sayang ang mga halaman na nasunog.  Sobrang init kasi! Summer na!

Safely, we arrived at our meeting place at sa Banay-Banay pala yun.  A newly-opened Cafe called Tuesday Cafe.  It is along the highway of Banay-Banay San Jose Batangas.

 It's cozy and chic. Parang Azumi Hotel lobby ang peg.  Syempre ang hinanap ko ay kapeng barako nung nag-order ako. Pero sad to say wala pa silang "Barakong Kape".  Sayang!  But the Store Manager promised that it will be available next week. 
I love chalkboard art!
So I tried their Java Chip version.  Masarap naman, hindi naman kasi ako Frap lover kaya I can't comment more. But I enjoyed it while exchanging ideas.

Practicing food photography
 Take note, I noticed that their cakes and pastries are from Purple Oven(my favorite).  Surely it's delicious. Look at the boxes oh.

The place is nice, clean and not crowded.  Good for meet up, business meetings and even for "me time".

We had a productive meeting.  Everything was discussed thoroughly, I guessed.   Pag nagkataon, this Cafe will be part of our history. (lol!)

Tipid Tip: Wag nang umorder ng cake o pastries, sabihin mo "I'm sacrificing sweets this Lenten Season."(lol)

Right after the meeting, we drove back to Manila for another meet up for that day.  It's a friendly gathering.  My movie buddy Shali invited us for the blessing of her new home. A lovely home. Me and the rest of my movie buddies enjoyed the sumptuous dinner.

My Movie Buddies

With our hubbies
We also had a very nice conversation and another creative juice was squeezed. I'm excited for our "emergency meeting". (lol)

Tipid Tip:Dagdagan na ang kain sa handaan para hindi na mag-midnight snack.(lol!)

The day was over and bed called us to rest and prepare for our Sunday Ministry.

Every Sunday, we are at The Feast-PICC.  Bisyo na'to! Last Sunday was the first talk of Rock Bottom Series: Down & Out.  It's all about how do you react when you're in a Rock Bottom of your life.  Bro. Bo Sanchez pointed out that "crosses that comes by CHANCE your action should be ACCEPTANCE". 1. Accept Reality 2. Accept Responsibility 3. Accept Rescue.  But if your crosses come by CHOICE, you should ACT.

"Feel what you feel, act what you know."
 My Take away: Aminin at tanggapin mo ang nararamdaman mo.  Pero gawin mo kung ano ang tama.

After the talk, we have a schedule for Servanthood 101.  Yes, we accepted God's calling for us to serve.  I am happy to share my talent into photography, that's why I joined the Media Ministry.  So before I will be considered a servant, I need to undergo 5 talks.  It was fun!  I've met new people.  Different age but same purpose-to serve the Lord.  I realized na sana pala noon pa ako nagsimula.  Pero hindi pa naman huli ang lahat.
I love Dahpne's Journal
So while we are in the Servanthood 101, kids are enjoying with the "Awesome Kids Ministry".  They had also a wonderful experience with other kids while learning the teachings of God.  God is great, he provides everything.

Wall Art outside the room for Kids Ministry

Serving the Lord with Holy Joy!
After the Sunday worship we went home happy and fulfilled.  Kahit pagod ang katawan, refreshed naman ang aming spirits. 

At the end of the day, isa lang naman ang masasabi mo eh.  "Thank you Lord for the physical strength, thank you for providing everything to us. We lift it up to you Oh Lord!"

The moon says "Shine like a diamond and be a light to someone. SMILE, you have a lot to thank for. Beauty of life is just around".

How about you, how's your weekend? Do you have a weekend story?

Cheers for Joy!

#ThinkPositive #BePositive

Financial Literacy Program for Kids

Hi Hello Yamisweeters!

Vacation for students is near! Yehey!  As parents, we plan for our kid's school break.  Something that will make them busy and enjoyable.  This summer, Galileo Enrichment Learning Program has a good offer this summer.

As a parent, it's too important that an early age we should teach good money management skills.  I think,  it's one way to solve poverty in the Philippines.  We should all know what is Money and how it affects our life. According sa nabasa ko, if you can't control your income, you must control your expenses.  And that is the easiest way. Cashflow Management is the secret.  That's why learning the laws of money is a vital learning for our kids.  Para din yan sa atin pagdating ng panahon. They will be financially independent and we can enjoy more of our retirement. (haha!)  So, this is the opportunity to introduce money management to our kids as early as first grader.  The Program consist of the following modules:

Financial Literacy Program( Grade1 to 3)

Module 1: Money Cycle
The Importance of Money Cycle

Module 2: The Need to Earn
The Need to Earn and Methods to Earn Money

Module 3: The Entrepreneur Challenge
The Pros and Cons of being an Entrepreneur

Module 4: Saving Money
The Importance of Saving

Module 5: Save the Change
The Benefits of Knowing the Price and Quality of Goods

Module 6: "Just in Case"
The Value of emergency Funds

Module 7: Spending Money Wisely
"Money Wise vs. Poor Purchase" choice

Module 8: Saving at the the Grocery Store
The Importance of Self-Control when Shopping

Financial Literacy Program(Grade 4-6)

Module 1: Earning
The children will learn about the importance of earning an income

Module 2: Budgeting
The children will know the basic concepts of budgeting

Module 3: Saving
The children will know the importance of savings

Module 4: Emergency Fund
 The children will name different types of personal and family emergencies

Module 5: Spending Money Wisely
The children will compare and contrast the price and quality of goods

Module 6: Invisible Money
The children will know different forms of credit and tell the consequences of not being able to pay debts

Module 7: Making Money
The Children will know the basic principles and purposes of investments.
Seeing the need to inculcate good money management skills early in Filipino kids, Galileo

Enrichment Learning Program, Inc. in collaboration with our partner Pru Life UK - pioneer and current market leader of unit-linked or investment-linked life insurance products, adopts their Cha-Ching* Financial Literacy Program as one of the 2015 Galileo's Summer Program Offering.

This program will be given for FREE (every Saturday of April and May) as an add-value program for Galileo students ages 7 to 12, who will enroll either in Math, English or Singapore Math this summer, come April and May 2015 . 

The program instills good money habits through the concepts of Earn, Save, Spend, Donate & Invest. At the end of the program, the teachers, together with their students, are expected to master the fundamentals of money management and the need to be financially literate as young as they are now to help them plan their own financially-sound future.

Call (02) 845-1234 or (02) 553-6193 for more details. 

Source: GELP
Reading the above modules excite me. At libre pa.  Haaayyy! Nakakatuwa! Parang kahit ako ay may matutunan dito.  It will not be boring for kids because they will learn it while playing.  Knowing Galileo way of learning, it will surely be fun and enthusiastic. 

Visit the nearest Galileo Center and learn more about the program.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

8 Secrets of the Truly Rich:11th of my Books to read

Hi Yamisweeters!

Finally, I found time to post my review about my 11th books to read.  Busy eh! At palagi namang busy, kailangan lang talagang isingit sa schedule ang mga bagay na nakakapagpasaya sa akin.  Like this thing, sharing my thoughts about what I have read.

8 Secrets of the Truly Rich is another book of Bo Sanchez .  You know why I love reading Bro. Bo's books?  Because, it is easy to read yet so inspiring at nakakabrainwash talaga. Nakaka-enlighten ng faith and belief plus madami talaga akong natututunan. He has a lot of stories that I can totally relate and can understand easily.

This book enlightened my views concerning wealth.  Parang Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad.  It is true that this book will change your inner software.  I gained right attitude towards wealth with spirituality.  I got some tips on how to achieve financial success na dream ko naman talaga.  He explained that dreaming to be rich or wealthy is not equal to materialism.  Being truly rich is being wealthy in all other areas of life: love, family and spirituality. 

Bro. Bo shared the 8 Secrets, so it's no longer a secret now. Haha! And here are some of the principles he shared.

"You become what you repeatedly do.  You become poor because you have a poor man's money habits." 
"At the end of the day, who you are doesn't count.  It's who you think you are that determines your success."

"God needs godly people who will run businesses, give jobs, and bless the world with great services and great products."

"By writing you dreams, you open yourself to life's river of abundance.  But when you read what you wrote down daily, you multiply the power of that river tenfold."

"The universe adjusts to your expectations.  So instead of you searching for money, let money search for you. Attract money.  Become a money magnet."

"Famine will always come.  So prepare for it."

"The greatest income reducer in your life right now may be your TV set."

"If you want to be rich, use your core gift with passion."

"Your first profit in any business is financial wisdom, not money."

"Spend 80% of your time in marketing and 20% of your time in developing your product."

"For pioneers, perfectionism is never a good strategy."

"Do you know the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful persons?  The successful person has failed 10 times more than the unsuccessful person."

"The more I give, the more I receive.  This is a law written in the fabric of the universe."

To know more about these principles, go grab and read this book.  Hindi kayo magsisisi na binasa nyo ito. He cited step by step guide how to be financially and spiritually healthy.   It will help you realize how money works to live a LIFE not make a living.

Bro. Bo ended his book with an advice.

"Keep learning.  Read books on money.  Attend seminars on money.  Get mentors and financial coaches."

Remember: You create your future by your choice today!

Syempre naman, totoo naman talaga yun at alam nating lahat na nasa choice natin ang future natin.  Pero ano ba ang choice natin?  Stay poor or be truly rich?  Minsan kasi feeling natin rich na tayo, kasi nakakakain na tayo sa fine dining, we travel, we wear branded clothes, we have the latest gadget, we have cars, we live in condominium, we meet friends at Starbucks.  Pero ano nga ba ang sukatan ng wealth?

Since me and my hubby already read this book, we have the same level of thinking about wealth.  We realized that the measure of wealth is how long can we survive without a job.  Can we travel to Europe for two months?  Can I just stay at home and focus on parenting my children?  Can we retire at age forty and enjoy life together?  Can I still give tithes even without a job? Of course naman ay hindi.  Kapag nag travel kami sa Europe in two months, naku! wala na akong trabaho na babalikan.  Nakahanap na ng kapalit ang company na pinagtatrabahuhan ko.  Hindi ako pwedeng tumigil sa pagtatrabaho kasi papano ang mga loans ko.  Huhuhu! We are so poor because our financial literacy is not enough.  We spend a lot for things that are not so valuable.  Haaayy!  Reality bites! Awwwww!

Learning really matters.  It's not late to be financially literate but it has to come up with spirituality.

Make a choice today, Yamisweeters!