Wednesday, March 4, 2015

8 Secrets of the Truly Rich:11th of my Books to read

Hi Yamisweeters!

Finally, I found time to post my review about my 11th books to read.  Busy eh! At palagi namang busy, kailangan lang talagang isingit sa schedule ang mga bagay na nakakapagpasaya sa akin.  Like this thing, sharing my thoughts about what I have read.

8 Secrets of the Truly Rich is another book of Bo Sanchez .  You know why I love reading Bro. Bo's books?  Because, it is easy to read yet so inspiring at nakakabrainwash talaga. Nakaka-enlighten ng faith and belief plus madami talaga akong natututunan. He has a lot of stories that I can totally relate and can understand easily.

This book enlightened my views concerning wealth.  Parang Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad.  It is true that this book will change your inner software.  I gained right attitude towards wealth with spirituality.  I got some tips on how to achieve financial success na dream ko naman talaga.  He explained that dreaming to be rich or wealthy is not equal to materialism.  Being truly rich is being wealthy in all other areas of life: love, family and spirituality. 

Bro. Bo shared the 8 Secrets, so it's no longer a secret now. Haha! And here are some of the principles he shared.

"You become what you repeatedly do.  You become poor because you have a poor man's money habits." 
"At the end of the day, who you are doesn't count.  It's who you think you are that determines your success."

"God needs godly people who will run businesses, give jobs, and bless the world with great services and great products."

"By writing you dreams, you open yourself to life's river of abundance.  But when you read what you wrote down daily, you multiply the power of that river tenfold."

"The universe adjusts to your expectations.  So instead of you searching for money, let money search for you. Attract money.  Become a money magnet."

"Famine will always come.  So prepare for it."

"The greatest income reducer in your life right now may be your TV set."

"If you want to be rich, use your core gift with passion."

"Your first profit in any business is financial wisdom, not money."

"Spend 80% of your time in marketing and 20% of your time in developing your product."

"For pioneers, perfectionism is never a good strategy."

"Do you know the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful persons?  The successful person has failed 10 times more than the unsuccessful person."

"The more I give, the more I receive.  This is a law written in the fabric of the universe."

To know more about these principles, go grab and read this book.  Hindi kayo magsisisi na binasa nyo ito. He cited step by step guide how to be financially and spiritually healthy.   It will help you realize how money works to live a LIFE not make a living.

Bro. Bo ended his book with an advice.

"Keep learning.  Read books on money.  Attend seminars on money.  Get mentors and financial coaches."

Remember: You create your future by your choice today!

Syempre naman, totoo naman talaga yun at alam nating lahat na nasa choice natin ang future natin.  Pero ano ba ang choice natin?  Stay poor or be truly rich?  Minsan kasi feeling natin rich na tayo, kasi nakakakain na tayo sa fine dining, we travel, we wear branded clothes, we have the latest gadget, we have cars, we live in condominium, we meet friends at Starbucks.  Pero ano nga ba ang sukatan ng wealth?

Since me and my hubby already read this book, we have the same level of thinking about wealth.  We realized that the measure of wealth is how long can we survive without a job.  Can we travel to Europe for two months?  Can I just stay at home and focus on parenting my children?  Can we retire at age forty and enjoy life together?  Can I still give tithes even without a job? Of course naman ay hindi.  Kapag nag travel kami sa Europe in two months, naku! wala na akong trabaho na babalikan.  Nakahanap na ng kapalit ang company na pinagtatrabahuhan ko.  Hindi ako pwedeng tumigil sa pagtatrabaho kasi papano ang mga loans ko.  Huhuhu! We are so poor because our financial literacy is not enough.  We spend a lot for things that are not so valuable.  Haaayy!  Reality bites! Awwwww!

Learning really matters.  It's not late to be financially literate but it has to come up with spirituality.

Make a choice today, Yamisweeters!


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