Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Hwebes Santo

Hello Yamisweeters!

It's a start of my #ThrowbackThursday series here on my blog.  It's all about my stories of not so long "past happenings/photos" I want to share.

And here is my story................

In observance of Lenten Season, together with the #walangumay group we had the Visita Iglesia or the Way of the Cross in ten Catholic Churches in Laguna Province, one in Quezon Province and three in Batangas Province last Maundy Thursday.  It was a another great experience for me because it's my first time to do it in different Churches.  Originally,  I planned my Visita Iglesia at Kamay ni Hesus, Lucban Quezon but my husband confirmed to the invitation of our organizer #bokal2016 to hire a van with shared expenses.  It was a nice idea because we saved a lot of time and money plus we had a memorable conversation during travel from one town to the other.  At 7:30 in the morning we're moving.  When I jumped up the van the rest of the group was teasing me because I have a wheat bread and a spread as baon.  It's a Visita Iglesia daw not outing.  I don't want to get hungry kasi. hehehe! To avoid migraine na rin.  I prepared myself because I know it's a long travel.

Here are the photos I got from our 14 station of the cross.

First Station: The Last Suffer at San Sebastian Cathedral, Lipa City Batangas

Second Station: The Agony in Gethsemani at Saint Padre Pio Parish, Sto Tomas Batangas

Third Station: Jesus is condemned to Death at Nuestra Señora Parish, Alaminos Laguna

Fourth Station: Jesus is scourged and crowned with thorns at Our Lady of Pilar Parish, Calauan Laguna

Fifth Station: Jesus Carries the Cross at La Resurrection Parish, Victoria Laguna

Sixth Station: Jesus Falls at San Antonio De Padua Parish Pila Laguna

Seventh Station: Simon the Cyrene helps Jesus carry the cross at Immaculate Concepcion Parish, Sta Cruz Laguna

Eighth Station: Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem at Nuestra Sra. de Guadalupe Parish, Pagsanjan Laguna

Ninth Station: Jesus is Stripped of his Garments and Nailed on the Cross at St. Mary Magdalene Parish Magdalena Laguna

Tenth Station: The Forgiven Thief at St. John the Baptist Church Liliw Laguna

Eleventh Station: Mary and the Beloved Disciple at the Foot of the Cross at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church Nagcarlan Laguna

Twelfth Station: The Death of Jesus at Saint Paul Cathedral San Pablo City

Note: No photo

Thirteenth Station: Jesus is laid in the Tomb at Saint John the Baptist Parish Tiaong Quezon

Fourteenth Station: The Resurrection of Jesus at San Juan Nepomuceno Church San Juan Batangas

In every station, we read a Holy Gospel, prayed and reflected together.  We remembered the suffering of our Lord Jesus Christ and reminded us to share more, listen more, care more, love more, be humble, more patience, more perseverance, be responsible, be selfless, be happy, be considerate, be compassionate, be prayerful and  be faithful.  It's indeed one of the nicest thing we've ever done. 

It also became a photography opportunity to me and I was able to use my 10-22mm wide angle lens to the beautiful architecture of the historic Churches.  

The Municipality of Pila caught my attention with how they preserved the old houses and used as commercial stores like Mercury Drugs, Seven Eleven and others.  I love how the citizen value the history and culture of their town.

Tips for this kind of activity:
1. Hire a van and a driver.  
2. Prepare the itinerary.
3. Be strict with the meeting time. Leave your place as early as possible.
4. Bring packed-lunch, water and snacks because finding a restaurant will be difficult. 
5. Secure a devotional prayer booklet for the Way of the Cross.(You can buy it on the first church)
6. Meditate and prepare yourself for your purpose.  
7.  And don't forget to bring along sensible ideas to discuss while on the van to add some thrill and fun.  (oh oh! but not gossip ha!) 

Take note: My wheat bread and spread saved me.  It kept me going and going and going............ parang naka-energizer lang.(lol!)

I hope you like it! 'Til next #throwback! Stay sweet!!!!!

"We adore you, O Christ and we bless you.  Because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world."


  1. A spiritual adventure, isn't it? It's like combing multiple reasons (adventure, bonding, etc.) with a focus on spiritual side.

  2. Glad I found this post. I will consider these places on my next visita iglesia. :)

  3. As always, I love your photos. And good thing you bring enough baon for all of us. Haha. ;-)

  4. Covering so many places in a single day is really tough. However your account of the travel gives me an inspiration to think the other way :)

  5. I honestly haven't tried Visita Iglesia. Now that I'm capable and aware of this tradition, I will definitely make it happen. Great photos, thank you for sharing an spiritual venture! :)

  6. We also visit different churches during the Holy Week but we only go around Batangas area only. This is because we have this family superstition that we'd get into an accident if we go far from home (about a province away, etc). But these would be beautiful churches to visit this coming Semana Santa.

    ♡ Louise |

  7. I love visiting old churches. Especially those who have historical stories. What a great adventure you had!

  8. This is what I did before during Holy Week and all :) Hoping to do this again! Now with my son! :) Awesome trip you had!

  9. Holy Week is near, preparing lists of churches to visit during the Visita Iglesia is a must. I also refreshed the churches we visit in Ilocos. - KarenT

  10. This is perfect for the upcoming Holy Week! This is a nice route and perfect because you can go out of town too.

  11. We will have our Visita Iglesia in Batangas too and it's going to be my second time.. I was blown by the beauty of Taal Basilica..actually the church is just few walks away from the Shrine of Lady of Caysasay which is also worth visiting..
    I have been to Padre Pio as well and tried their so-called miraculous well..
    I have never been to Laguna and you just gave me an idea where to have my next pilgrimage

  12. Oh I'm sorry I was lost there.. i thought the first pic was Taal Basilica... they actually share the same kind of interior... I love San Sebastian Cathedral too.. they said they have a museum beside the church but I never got a chance to check it last year.. maybe this year ^_^

  13. Inggiiit ako! I've been planning to join a Visita Iglesia way way way back but for whatever reason, it's still not pushing through. Haaay. Great photos, by the way. :)

  14. When I was still in PH, visita Iglesia always made sense. But now, to be honest, my bf and I only church hop to admire the structures. My belief is still intact, but exposing my self to other lifestyles and religions make me more appreciative of life and diversity. I hope anyone doing a Visita Iglesia in the coming Lenten season will find the spiritual guidance they need in order to live a happy and fruitful life.

  15. The churches look nice! It is always in my bucket list to visit ancient churches! Thank you for the post. :)


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