Friday, September 27, 2013

Choose Barbara's! For a unique Buffet Experience

It was such a pleasure to be invited in a dining experience for birthday celebration.  In the office, we have four employees who are celebrating their birthday for the month of September.  They joined together to share their happiness for the gift of life and treated the whole company for an extraordinary Eat All-You-Can Dinner Buffet at Barbara's Heritage Restaurant in Intramuros, Manila.  We were all excited so we dressed up well to enjoy the beautiful night.

The girls!
Please browse my photos I got.

An elegant Hispanic House set up

A Heritage staircase! Opps.. a friend is having his photo opportunity

The signage
The ceiling and chandelier

And there serve gracious Filipino Hispanic and International cuisine.  I definitely had the gastronomic satisfaction from soup, salad, main dishes and deserts.  They have tasteful food choices. Please bear my food photography, I'm not best in it.

Lunch Buffet + String entertainment cost P495++
Dinner Buffet + Cultural Show costs P645++

The Kultura Filipina is the event that make Barbara's Restaurant unique from other buffet offers all over Manila.  It highlights the Filipino culture with dance, music and cuisine.  They have young and talented group who interpreted well our culture.   

The Band who played lively music during the show
I love their interpretation of Kundiman Songs and the song of Apo Hiking Society- Ewan.

The ambiance became lovelier when the dancers came up to the stage and energetically moved their body for graceful dances. Like Pandanggo sa Ilaw, Muslim Dance, Maglalatik, Flower Dance, Tinikling and a lot more.


They also teach the volunteer guests how to do our National Dance-Tinikling.

It was really nice to recall the history through music and dance.  Our own music and dance have it all.  The stories, the moves, the happiness and the colorful costumes.  I love folk dance and I miss dancing!

We also had a chance to capture the memories here.

The generous Birthday Celebrants! Happy Birthday!
Their 2013 celebration is a memorable one.

Come and visit Barbara's Restaurant.  It's best for all kind of celebration.  If you have foreigner guests,  this is the best idea for a memorable favor.

Eat and enjoy!

Barbara's Heritage Restaurant
Plaza San Luis Complex, Intramuros Manila
527-4086 / 527-3893 / 788-3356 / 527-4083
Restaurant Hours: Open entire week
11AM - 2PM : Lunch Buffet
6:30PM - 9PM : Dinner Buffet


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