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Yesterday was another learning day for me.  My kid's school hosted several parenting talk in lieu with their advocacy of "partnering in the journey of kid's life".  The school aims to instill strong character formation and salesianity among our boys.  So they need to collaborate with the parents in achieving such goal.  Teachers and school administration can not do the formation by themseleves alone, parents have huge part in doing so.  We parents.........need to enrich also.  We have schedules for Marriage and Parenting Formation. and yseterday's sched is about MONEY.  It is also related to the upcoming school's e-cash system.  Soon, students will no longer use money to pay for food and supplies instead they will swipe their IDs for payment.  As prevention to overspending tendencies,  we held this talk about money.  Aiza Caparas Tabayoyong who is a relationship/parenting consultant was our speaker.  She is connected to Love Institute.

My Ipad Photos of Ms. Aiza, Fr. Degs and the sponsor-Philam Life

 She talked about how we parent introduce money to our children.                    

The first things she pointed was about being a model to our kids.  It is as simple as how can you teach your child to eat vegetable if you alone don't eat veggies?  How can teach your child to love reading if they don't see you reading?  So, our kids are our replica because we are their first source of habit.  So we must show to them the proper spending habit to achieve the appropriate discipline.  Preparing a budget and save first before spending is the ideal way for proper financial approach.  We should identify our "wants and needs" to classify what is the priority.  I am proud to say that we are practicing such thing.  We don't go to the mall because it is MALL-WIDE SALE but instead we just drop by at the mall when we have needs to buy.  And my kids adopted that, they are not the kind of child who tantrums when they did not get what they want.  My eldest habitually ask me "Mom, mura ba ito o mahal?" when in the toy shop.  He is conscious to our budget.  They are not a fan of signature items maybe because me too is not also well aware of such expensive but reliable thingy.  Until now, my boys are 8 and 9 years old they don't ask for money baon at school. But I think it's time for me to give them allowance and teach them how to manage finances for them also to be responsible and independent.

This will be their jars. They should be trained to divide their allowance for specific purpose. Spend for their needs (e.g. snacks, lunch, supplies), Give for their tithe, Save for anything they needs and wants in the future(e.g. Cellphone, musical instrument, books, watch or vacation or even gift to their love ones) and last is GROW, this is for investment.
At present time, I don't practice it yet.  We provide everything to them.  Hindi pa sila humahawak ng pera. But their Christmas and birthday money are invested in AFPSLAI .  I deposited it on their intrust for account for me to have record of their individual money then invest it to AFPSLAI.  To know about this investment, just click the link.   This coming 2014, I will encourage my kids to create a GOAL BOOK that will include this GROW JAR and invest it to stock market as inspired by Bo Sanchez.  Thank you Ms. Aiza for this idea.

Next thing that is as important as the first is OPENNESS.  We should encourage two-way communication to our kids about money.  It's important to listen to our kids' notion about money, where money comes from,  what it is for and where it goes.  Informing the family's sources of fund and how we spend it are also considered vital action in money awareness.

When we have built a good communication we can set house rules but make sure to NEGOTIATE with them.  It is not healthy if we will impose rules.  Ask their opinion how much allowance they need and then meet on the acceptable amount.  And make an agreement so that they are aware of all the consequences if they did not manage well their allowance.  It will also encourage responsibility.

EMPOWER our child.  Recognize the intrinsic goodness of each child and their capacity to make choices and take responsibility for those choices. Affirm our kids positive qualities and what we like about them, especially with regard to money.   Like, "Mukhang pinaghirapan mo yan......"

YEARLY check up on goals and arrangements are required to fully achieved our intention.  It will also helpful in assessing if our strategies are sound and effective.  We have to check the feelings of our child about money rules.  Review their spending habit.  See the growth of investment.  And revise the rules if necessary.

I admit! The TALK enriched my mind.  Thank you for this kind of experience.  I know it will help me and my family to create healthy money relationship.  I hope you do too!

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