Thursday, October 17, 2013

Look! It's All About Me Personalized Book

I really admire kids who love reading.  I wish I had a childhood like that.  he!he! Ya....because I was not raised as a book lover.  I don't know.  Maybe because my mom was trained also that way.  She did not insist us to read comics, magazine, newspaper or books.  Besides she had no budget for that.  For her,  we must first do our task before doing such kind of thing.  We have to pick up firewood, fetch water, sweep the ground and a lot of household chores.  Her dialogue.... "Wala kang magawa?? Magkayas ka ng walis para may baon ka."  (You have nothing else to do?? make a broom sticks so you have allowance!).  We only read at school. Then at school,  I can't remember any library.  The books we were using then was slightly torn and to be shared by two students during class.  Oh, sad!  But that's true.  Maybe DepEd during that time don't know that there's a school in our place. Ha!ha! That's a history.  Today is another story.   The reason why I'm not so engrossed in reading until college.  Reading was my sleeping gadget. hahaha!  And everything changed and it's not too late.  I want to read and read and read.  And I do it everyday already even just an hour.

So I realized that parents have big influence to kid's love for reading.  We must not underestimate the value of reading.  We all know the gains of it. I love to buy books and e-books for them.  My eldest win it already.  He likes reading.  In fact, our "dream house" has small library. Like this one.
Photo from Home Designing
 Or his room will look like this one.
Photo from Stylish Eve
For now, we're collecting books to read anytime they want.  One of my pick is this personalized book.  I found it so cute and will catch my kid's attention.  I chose to pick one of the story as part of my youngest's birthday surprise last October 6.

Mic-mic is the lead character of the story  He's so excited to finish reading it.  Names of his friends are also included as part of the party.  The print is very nice and colors are so vibrant.  So inviting to kid's playful minds. It's also a hardbound that will last for a lifetime.  A good memory for his 8th birthday.

Placing an order is an easy step.  Just visit their site and find out.

The order will take approximately 7-10 business days to arrive at your door for deliveries in the Philippines, and 10-15 for Worldwide Deliveries. You also have the option to pick up your order at their office address. In this case your order will be ready for pick up in 6 working days.

The courier has nice packaging.

I also included a personalized gift wrapper.

  There are other four designs to choose from.

One good thing,  it's a Filipino product.  A very nice gift idea for kids who loves reading.  A way also to encourage kids to love reading.

They offer other products like Personalized Coloring books, wrapping paper, wall art and place mats.

No doubt, Mic-mic likes it.

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Read, explore, learn and enjoy!

Happy Reading!


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