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Financial Literacy Program for Kids

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Vacation for students is near! Yehey!  As parents, we plan for our kid's school break.  Something that will make them busy and enjoyable.  This summer, Galileo Enrichment Learning Program has a good offer this summer.

As a parent, it's too important that an early age we should teach good money management skills.  I think,  it's one way to solve poverty in the Philippines.  We should all know what is Money and how it affects our life. According sa nabasa ko, if you can't control your income, you must control your expenses.  And that is the easiest way. Cashflow Management is the secret.  That's why learning the laws of money is a vital learning for our kids.  Para din yan sa atin pagdating ng panahon. They will be financially independent and we can enjoy more of our retirement. (haha!)  So, this is the opportunity to introduce money management to our kids as early as first grader.  The Program consist of the following modules:

Financial Literacy Program( Grade1 to 3)

Module 1: Money Cycle
The Importance of Money Cycle

Module 2: The Need to Earn
The Need to Earn and Methods to Earn Money

Module 3: The Entrepreneur Challenge
The Pros and Cons of being an Entrepreneur

Module 4: Saving Money
The Importance of Saving

Module 5: Save the Change
The Benefits of Knowing the Price and Quality of Goods

Module 6: "Just in Case"
The Value of emergency Funds

Module 7: Spending Money Wisely
"Money Wise vs. Poor Purchase" choice

Module 8: Saving at the the Grocery Store
The Importance of Self-Control when Shopping

Financial Literacy Program(Grade 4-6)

Module 1: Earning
The children will learn about the importance of earning an income

Module 2: Budgeting
The children will know the basic concepts of budgeting

Module 3: Saving
The children will know the importance of savings

Module 4: Emergency Fund
 The children will name different types of personal and family emergencies

Module 5: Spending Money Wisely
The children will compare and contrast the price and quality of goods

Module 6: Invisible Money
The children will know different forms of credit and tell the consequences of not being able to pay debts

Module 7: Making Money
The Children will know the basic principles and purposes of investments.
Seeing the need to inculcate good money management skills early in Filipino kids, Galileo

Enrichment Learning Program, Inc. in collaboration with our partner Pru Life UK - pioneer and current market leader of unit-linked or investment-linked life insurance products, adopts their Cha-Ching* Financial Literacy Program as one of the 2015 Galileo's Summer Program Offering.

This program will be given for FREE (every Saturday of April and May) as an add-value program for Galileo students ages 7 to 12, who will enroll either in Math, English or Singapore Math this summer, come April and May 2015 . 

The program instills good money habits through the concepts of Earn, Save, Spend, Donate & Invest. At the end of the program, the teachers, together with their students, are expected to master the fundamentals of money management and the need to be financially literate as young as they are now to help them plan their own financially-sound future.

Call (02) 845-1234 or (02) 553-6193 for more details. 

Source: GELP
Reading the above modules excite me. At libre pa.  Haaayyy! Nakakatuwa! Parang kahit ako ay may matutunan dito.  It will not be boring for kids because they will learn it while playing.  Knowing Galileo way of learning, it will surely be fun and enthusiastic. 

Visit the nearest Galileo Center and learn more about the program.



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