Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Summer Reading Camp

Hey good aftee everyone!

Finally, vacation is here!!!!  and I'm celebrating.... Haaayyyy!  Ang sarap I can extend my sleep in the morning.  Oh yeah! I love my bed.   hihihi! Oh well! I'm sorry, I'm just enjoying my favorite "me time", staying in bed.

So....... what about?????

Not only mommies are so delighted with school break but especially the kids.  But we have to keep them busy during vacation.  We need to provide them ways how to enjoy a meaningful and enjoyable vacation.  I am thinking of enrolling them into their favorite sports to have some exercise and gain self-confidence.  You know my boys are so hyper.  Staying at our tiny place is a torture to them.  So they need to go out and have some activities.  That's why I got interest with the post of  DiksyonaryoAtbp   for their Summer Camp.

I mentioned before that I encourage my kids to read more as I do because I believe that reading can enhance better communication and cultivate creativity. A well-versed in communication is important in dealing with our present fast-paced life.   But let's admit that some kids really don't love reading because of many destruction.  That's why we parents should find several ways to impart love for reading.

It's good that this summer camp is free. It is one way to enjoy kids summer vacation and we parents can also have the chance to support their advocacy.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could spend ONE DAY reading under the trees, like the good old days?
This summer, DIKSYONARYOATBP, a non-proft non-stock non-government organization is hosting a SUMMER READING CAMP at the Luneta grounds (Lapu-Lapu monument side), from 10am-12noon and 4pm-6pm on May 3 (Saturday) 2014.

There will be tents set-up for this first of its kind reading camp where kids can participate in any or all of the following:

  • READING CORNER –read all the books they want from Filipino writers c/o Adarna House Publishing
  • ART CORNER – unleash their inner artist by engaging in art activities related to their favorite stories
  • STORYTELLING CORNER – listen as your favorite Filipino children’s literature comes alive in the voice of the best storytellers around

Aside from participating in these events, parents/ children can also avail of Adarna books on site, which they can donate for DiksyonaryoAtbp’s future projects or take home for themselves.

This event aims to rekindle and encourage a genuine love for reading in Filipino children, by spending one whole day doing reading related activities, ALL FOR FREE.

To register your child, please click this

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