Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Maternity Shoot

Yeehaw Yamisweeters!

I'd like to start this blog with my today's Note to Self: "Don't stop until you're PROUD"

I saw this post from one of the artist I followed on Instagram #fancygirl.  What a beautiful note to self, simply perfect for my loooong list of goals. haha! 

Last Saturday was indeed a very blessed day for my schedule to shoot a soon-to-be-mom.  The weather was exactly the way it should be,  my schedule was in placed,  the venue was available for the shoot and the model was in excited mode (as well as the photographers).  Except for a near accident while heading to the place, everything went fine and as planned.  Glory to God we're safe then.  I treated that as fuel to the excitement for the shoot.

I'm also thankful to my niece(also aspiring photographer) who acted as stylist too.  She's into portrait photography so the shoot became easier.

I admired the agility of this modern mom.  She's so comfortable with the shoot.  I know she was hungry but still very cooperative because we have limited time.  I'm so thankful to God for the opportunity to capture the first stage of her parenthood.

She is the wife of my eldest nephew, due to give birth next month.  A perfect timing for a maternity shoot.

Here it is!

Model: Mharizel L. Paras
HMUA: Christian De Silva David
Venue: Baserri De Lipa

It was another learning day for my photography goal.  I will not stop practicing and adopting new ideas to achieve my purpose.

Think Positive Be Positive!


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