Monday, September 22, 2014

50 Ways for Kids to Stay Creative

Good Morning Yamisweeters! 

 I had this dilemma last night when my eldest son is worrying for his Art subject. He excels in his academic subjects but so disappointed with the Art and Work Education. Like his Dad, he's not gifted with art talents. For them, art is a horror. Huh! I pity them. As a mom, I know it's my responsibility to instill creativity, enthusiasm and motivation to question and explore as well as how we teach them good values, responsibilities and etiquette. Enrolling in an arts and crafts activity session is one of my consideration. But I realized that there are lots of ways to deal in cultivating creativity of a child. The post of hello, Wonderful shows me ways to do it. And not just the art-sy and craft-sy talent of children will enhance but also their attitude and other skills.

I am happy to share to you the 50 Ways for Kids to Stay Creative. Image Map  

This is just a perfect guide for my son's dilemma. Have a great day! 

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