Monday, September 1, 2014

A Staycation at Azumi Boutique Hotel

Hi there Yamisweeters!

If you follow me on Instagram,  you might see several post about #staycation #The Macs last weekend.  And here is the story!

As I've said before I am a goal-oriented person.  And one of my goal is to have a "financial freedom". My number one strategy to reach that goal is to watch my spending in order to increase my cash flow.  But I admit, sometimes I can't resist to commit impulse buying.  I was caught by the promotion posted by Deal Grocer about this newest eco-friendly gem in the south.  In just one click, taaaaadaaah!  charge to credit card.  I set that as a reward for a very tiring and stressful days for my hubby.  I want to spend one weekend just to relax and stay in one cozy place.  As the promo said "looking for a posh, comfy and clean retreat in the city without burning a hole throughout your pocket?" Wapak na wapak sa pagoda na Mister at Misis.  Kaya print agad agad ng voucher and kept for future weekend since it was valid until July.  And here comes August 1,  when I opened up again the voucher it was expired.  I got so disappointed because of my very wrong decision of buying and yet not even enjoyed it.  I missed it due to hectic photography schedule.  Hindi ko tuloy masabi kay hubby na nag-aksaya ako ng money for that.  Hinayang na hinayang ako.

Of course hindi tayo papayag ng ganun ganun na lang.  I wrote an email to Deal Grocer and begging for a consideration.  I have a very flowery word why I chose Azumi Boutique Hotel.  I said, I read several reviews about the Hotel and really want to experience what other blogger is sharing.  They had immediate reply on my mail and insisted that the merchant is very strict when it comes to expiration dates.  They advised me to mail the Hotel for a consideration.  Which I did.  And their reply is the same with Deal Grocer but promoted their rainy day promo.  In short, they extended their promo.  They allowed me to use my voucher.  I am so grateful with them for being so considerate.  Yes, it's true that I already paid the voucher and I am entitled to the benefit of it.  But it's also the responsibility of the voucher holder to be aware of its validity.

What I've learn from this experience is always make your spending valuable and don't hesitate to ask a consideration because I believe that there is always a chance. ahihi!!

Here is our short but meaningful staycation at Azumi Boutique Hotel

Simple yet elegant logo
I fell in love with the white painted wall accentuated with eclectic European-inspired display. It's an elegant yet not intimidating ambiance in the lobby.

Books everywhere!

A polygonal lights hanging above the bar

Remarkable photographs
 I was amazed with the sophisticated interior design of their chic lobby.  I was caught with the way how framed photographs were arranged that makes it not crowded.

We were welcomed with smile and a hassle-free checked in with beautiful and accommodating staffs.  I was asked to sign a waiver for the use of balcony and rooftop pool.  The front desk officer reminded me that all rooms are no-smoking area.

We were booked in a Queen Room.  We have my kids with us and they are free of charge.
Clean and peaceful hallway

The room is just enough for my family. The couch became the kid's bed.  The walls are tiled with "ecocarat" that absorb moisture, odor and toxins.  

The room has a cabinet, fridge and microwave.


The bathroom is isolated with transparent glass.  Just nice for a couple guests.  They provided organic bath and body products.  It is chic, modern and clean.  Water supply is also good.
One thing I observed was the absence of bidet. But the rest went well during our stay.

Another thing that my kids enjoyed was the sparkling infinity lap pool in the roof deck with sensational night view of Alabang City skyline.


Definitely, we enjoyed our stay.  We had a nice sleep in a comfy bed and fluffy pillows.  My hubby caught two good movies with the flat-screen TV and stayed very late on bed the next morning.

Such a comfy stay

See???? Our smiles(scroll down), it shows satisfaction.  It was such a relaxing weekend.

My voucher didn't include breakfast so I don't have reviews about Romulo Cafe, but it has a catching interiors too.

As always, my photos says it all! It has value for money.  A worthy weekend. And another parenting and relationship workshop.

Thank you Azumi for your beautique service!

2205 Market St. , Madrigal Business Park,
Phase III Alabang Muntinlupa City, Phils.


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