Sunday, September 28, 2014

An organized life is a calmer life

A Yamimorning every one!

Waking up naturally is one of the healthiest thing we can do.  It means, our body coped up with the right amount of rest during the night.  When I opened my eyes and looking forward for another great day,  I checked my schedule for today. After thinking of the urgent and important things to be done today,  the date popped in my mind with sound (ting!!!). Oh no! I have two days left and it's October.  This month is all about the start of practicing for Christmas Party competition, my son's birthday, my most awaited birthday trip and my kid's second quarterly test plus my sister's biglaang one month vacation and another anik-anik schedule pa.  Thinking all of that is a huge deal and needs an expert's time management.  Waaahhhhh!!!!!  Cramming....cramming...cramming....

I talked to my self that I need to relax and arrange everything to make everything possible.  And this "Note to Self" is my ultimate guide for me to deal with my bloated October schedule.

"An organized life is a calmer life."

Achieving organized life is simply having good energy management and time discipline.  But for me it's beyond that.  It's important that we manage our "emotions" first before heading to our "to do list".   Being emotionally healthy is the best way to have an organized life that leads to calmer life.  Last weekend, I realized three things.
1. Good Communication
If we all have good communication, misunderstanding will be minimized and it can enhance ourselves into a peaceful daily venture.  Use all means of exchange of information(text message, emails, chats etc) to make things clearer as what we are thinking.    
2. Accept yourself
 Accept who we are, admit our vulnerability and believe in ourselves.  If we can't make things possible, don't pretend that we can.  Never assume a responsibility that at first you know it will be hard for you to accomplish unless it is a call of duty.
3. Judge favorably
Always validate any situation before making any conclusions.  Be fair and avoid being judgmental as much as possible.

Having realized such three things,,,, I think I am ready to check out my to do and not to do "list".  I wish this is a good start to more enjoyable days ahead.  I wish it can help you too.

Rock on October......excitement is here!!! Yippeeeee..................

 Think Positive Be Positive!


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