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Infinity Resort: A Luxury Experience

Annyeonghaseyo Yamisweeters!

Oh yeah! I sound like a Korean today because I'm so delightful with my experience this weekend because of our Korean boss.  He just threw a Company Summer Outing which was supposedly postponed.  But he insisted to pursue it despite some future plans.  It's so enjoyable because we were able to experience luxury for free. Ahihihi!!!!

I am pleased to introduce to you, Infinity Resort, our company's location for Summer/Team Building Activities.  It is located in Brgy. Talipanan Puerto Galera Oriental Mindoro.  Puerto Galera is known as mini-Boracay because of the white sand beach and the active night life.  But when you go a little farther, you will find the resort with different ambiance which offers a peace and quiet destination.

View from the beach
There are passenger boats that bring tourists from Batangas port.  Within three and a half hour from Manila you can experience the exclusivity of Infinity Resort.

Lovely Infinity Pool

Why Infinity?
“You look at one side and you see the mountains—infinity. You look on the other side and you see the oceans—infinity,” quipped Ephraim Morillo, the main man behind the resort. The property sits in between the mountains and the sea—Mt. Malasimbo behind and the ocean in front. We are quite happy to report too that there are no crowds, no blaring music from the neighborhood that interrupted our sleep and woke us up the next day.(Source:Philippine Star)

Seeing the view of the mountain and sea, experiencing the luxury of breathtaking space, listening to the chirping birds and the lovely sounds of sea waves, it's a happy place to a person like me.  When I stepped my feet on the rocky shore of Talipanan, my excitement never stops until I stepped off to boat to go back to reality.  But at least even for about 24 hours I was able to live the awesome relaxation this place can offer.

According to the attendant who assisted us when we arrived,  the whole property is about 2-hectares.  The resort offers Deluxe, Executive, Premier Suite and Family rooms.  Since, we are a big group,  we occupied five villas.

A noticeable building of the resort which serve as dining/restaurant called, The Brae, and a reception area on the other side.  It is a jaw-dropping moment for me because of the Modern Asian Architecture inspired, with the roof that depicts the form of a butterfly, fine woodworks interior and wall of glass.

This is the entrance when you transported via land from the town proper of Puerto Galera
 Villas (click this for rates)

Let me show you the cozy and comfortable villas.  For myself, it is a luxury of space for an accommodation.  My photos can speak for my mind.  Enjoy browsing!

The two villas near the front beach
Villa beside the pool

View from the jacuzzi

View from Mt. Malasimbo side

Beautiful landscapes in between villas

 Upon entering the Premier Suite, sofa bed is distinctively positioned in a living room.  This bed can be used also if you're a group of four.

Dining area

Premier Suite's King-sized bed

Executive room with connecting door if you're accommodating as family.

I love the wall papers and the mirrors in every room

The counter area
De Luxe Room
Wooden Tables 
You have enough space when you want to write.  Wooden table is beautifully attached to the head board of king-sized bed.  How cozy it is.

View from room
Each room has a floor-to ceiling glass window that allow natural lights to come in.


De Luxe and Executive rooms has veranda to view the sea or the mountain.

Bath Tub

I am falling in love with the wooden stairs

Staircase for Executive and De Luxe Rooms 

I love the mirror
Drop lights
I want to have a house like this.  The size is just perfect for my family.  Haaayyy! I love it love it so much!

And here are my night shots.

By the pool at night

The Brae at night

Villas at night

I love this place
It's another place to experience.  If you want to enjoy the luxury of space, peace and quiet near Manila visit Infinity Resort.  It's so nice here!

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Infinity Resort
Talipanan Puerto Galera Oriental Mindoro
Tel. no.: +63 917.792.6353

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