Thursday, May 8, 2014

Why we want you to be Rich: 6th of my 15 books to read

Kon’nichiwa Yamisweeters!

It’s been a while since I did my book review.  Well, I’m just so busy with taking a rest.  Ahihihi!  Since my kids are on vacation, I still do my own vacation.  Haaay!  It’s so nice sometimes you recharge yourself of just doing nothing.

Anyway, you read it right.  I am kinda Japanese in my greetings because the author of the book is a Japanese-American.  Just adding some twist.  It’s so nice learning different language even if it’s just saying hi or hello!

I’m gonna be direct to the point with my review.  This book polluted my mind to be an entrepreneur.  It says here to live beyond my means so expand your means.  It is in contrary with the finance books that says “live within your means”.  The two authors are pushing the reader to be an entrepreneur to help the lives of other people and also the government who collects more and more taxes to employees like me.  We need to act to uplift the economy.  Which is barely true.  Robert and Donald pointing out to have a financial education.  Like learn to acquire assets not liabilities. 

The two authors gave several advises in starting a business.  They are very direct to the point in sharing their experiences that inspires me a lot.  They are both into real estate but they also explained that it is not for everybody.

Robert said, this book was to be about living life beyond one’s wildest dream.

Donald said,  “The worst thing is to learn hard lessons by doing before learning.  Learning in itself is an investment.”

And here are the thoughts that awaken my mind into financial education and business management.

“Ignorance can be more expensive than education and that certainly includes your financial education.  Do not let the fear of the unknown hinder your aspirations and you financial well-being.”

“Find yourself living the way you want to.  That’s freedom, that’s power and that’s winning.”

According to Robert,  to succeed is to FOCUS “Follow Once Course Until Successful”.

These are the 8 Integrities that make up a business.

For me it’s a very good presentation in managing small or big business. Concrete and concise.

“Vision remains vision until you focus, do the work and bring it down to earth where it will do some good.”

“Having your own business is like growing a tree-it’s a living organism that goes through seasons and storms and beautiful summer days and winter blizzards, but it keeps on growing and is literally an expression of yourself.”-Trump

Without passion you don’t have energy; without energy you have nothing.”

Even if I’m not an entrepreneur yet, I learned a lot from this book.  In the very near future, I will use the author’s tips in having a successful business.

Hooray! Good Luck to me and my dreams!  For now, atleast I have dream. 

If you’re into business, read this book it is a good investment.

Be Positive Think Positive!


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