Monday, April 28, 2014

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Yipee Yamisweeters!

Hi yah all! This post is some sort of stress reliever.  My kids do their poses and sweet smiles for a photo snap because they know that it will make me happy.  That's why every sunday when going to church, I have my DSLR with me to practice photography.  I want to share cutieMic's OOTD.  

I am falling in love with the colourful clothes I got from Wills+Harry Clothing which is available at Robinson's Dept. Store.  My boys are in tween size and I found it in Wills+Harry.  They have a thick cool texture, fashionable and stylish that make my cutie a like a "little man".  It's my favourite buy lately for my kids.  They got the perfect fit and sizes for my tweens with affordable prices.

I love his wink-y smile!

I'm puzzled with his facial expression here.

What a lovely stare

His heart-melting smile

My young man!
Crown Logo
According to the salesman, these clothing are locally made but uses imported materials.  Maybe the clothing company is inspired by Prince Harry and Prince William. Hehehe! Just an observation, I have no basis.

For Moms out there, if you want more choices for comfy and fashionable clothing for your tween boys, look for Wills+Harry.  It's a perfect choice! I think it's available in leading department stores.


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