Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Love for Tea and Beyond

Hi there Yamisweeters!

It's a productive day for me today because I was able to send my reports on time and stress-free.  Time management is the secret.  Oh well! How great thoughts became action with awesome result.  Planning and focus are the major thoughts everyday so I'm relaxed and fulfilled.  My day gets better with a TEA.  I love tea!  It helps me in several ways.
My favorite Pure Peppermint Tea

I'm so paranoid with my health because of my family's experience with diseases.  I want to keep healthy, as everybody wants, to enjoy life more.And tea is one of my healthy intake.

I have wrong notion about tea then.  Whenever I drink, it heightens my hyper acidity.  But then I learned that I should only take it when my stomach is full.  From then on, tea became my metabolism booster.

It is best serve with honey instead of sugar

I'm so lucky enough that an office mate brought a pure honey syrup from the Province of Marinduque.  Special thanks to Maylene, a most humorous person I've ever known because of her comical stories everyday.  She always spare a bottle of honey every time she visits her home town.  How fortunate I am to have a friend like her, because pure honey nowadays is so rare.  Pure honey is an all-purpose thingy in my fridge.
Back to tea................ it also helps me maintain my healthy weight because tea interfere with fat formation in the body plus it is calorie-free. White tea is an anti-oxidants that can fights cancer and help us look younger.  Because it contains high polyphenol count which inhibited wrinkle production by strengthening elastin and collagen(Source:Huffingtonpost).  In my experience, it helps me reduce stress level because of the aroma that soothes my brain.  I also love it because it keeps me hydrated that contribute daily body fluids. Plus, I learned also that green tea may help me see better because it positively affect the tissues of the eyes related to retina.   And I really need that.

After drinking a cup of tea, I can rest well while reading.

Or enjoying the view of green-y front yard while drinking a cup of tea. Oh yeah! I love the space and the breeze.

View from my Mom's room

Just sharing some thoughts.

Think Positive Be Positive!


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