Sunday, April 13, 2014

I love Boracay!

As a photography hobbyist, visiting new place is such a "kilig" moment especially when it is Boracay.  Why???? Simply because it is photogenic.  I love the sky, the sand, the sea, the sun and the sexy humans walking on the beach.  So even I have limited time to capture its beauty I still managed taking some from our Boracay's Adventure.  Traveling with kids is no joke because you have to attend to them all the time.

Enjoy browsing some of the landscapes I captured from our visit. I wish I have wide-angle lens.hihihi!

The sun is so bright, look at the shining water!

Boat sailing on the sea is such a beautiful scene here!

Blue sky is LOVE!

View from Mt. Luho

That is the crowded Boracay Island

Mountain is so refreshing!
White, blue and green!  The island is filled with colors.

For my kids, Boracay is LOVE!

From white sand to clear water, I'm falling in love!

Sea Breeze is so sweet!

We sail! We move! We dream!

Colorful umbrellas added accent to the sea, oh i love colors!

Anytime during the day, boats are busy bringing tourists to the water sports of their choice

Souvenirs are creative

Waiting shed for water sports lovers

Ref Magnet forever!

Lanterns and native thingy are enchanting!

A lovers lane


Lifeguard for safety


The moon during daytime! So catching!!!

My shadow and the powdery white sand!
The beautiful sunset
A heart shadow 
Boracay at night
Red Coconut at night 
By the pool

It's play time!

Oh I love the view!

Peace and quiet
I hope you enjoyed browsing!

Happy Summer Yamisweeters!

Think Positive Be Positive!


  1. You have awesome pictures! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed your stay at Boracay beach. I hope you'd come back here again.


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