Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Macs: Boracay Adventure

Hey everyone! We're here! The Macs are excited to share to you the recent adventure for Summer 2014.  We are lucky because I won a plane ticket and accommodation last Christmas.  So we decide to use it for our Boracay Adventure.  Thank you to Abosta(my employer) and our travel agency-Fiesta Tours and Travel for this wonderful experience with our kids.  I just added expenses for the two kids who were considered adult also.  So,  I spent a lot too.  Lol!  But anyway, it was such an exciting getaway for my kids.  We looked forward for extreme waters sports in Boracay. Yahooooo!!!! Super enjoy.  Here are our experiences, enjoy and be inspired to visit the very beautiful island Boracay.

It will be a photo overload. Enjoy browsing!

I just love to clothe them colourful outfits
They were so excited to catch our flight that made them 3 hours sleep.  Haaay!  Excitement!!!!!!!, what a feeling??????

We're so early to check in, excited eh!  We don't want hassle.

We boarded PAL Express more than an hour late. Huh!  It's true that this plane is always late. Haaaissst!

Welcome to Kalibo

We were booked Manila-Kalibo and vice versa because the Caticlan flight were fully booked last February pa.  Since it's a free ticket,  I have to agree and go with the plan trip for us. Hehehehe!  But, it's again another experience seeing Kalibo. Welcome to Ati-atihan town of Kalibo!

From Kalibo, we travelled to Caticlan for another more than an hour.  It's quite boring for my kids and hubby.  But I enjoyed the scenery.  I love the road along sea and mountains.

We rode a Southwest Bus from Kalibo to Caticlan safely.  Stop over is owned by Southwest too.  That's business thingy.

We arrived at Caticlan shore and waited for few minutes for our boat ride to Red coconut

We don't need to line up and wait for ferry to the island because it was arranged by Red Coconut. Cool!

Welcome to Red Coconut

 Deluxe Room

The Veranda

We're ready for adventure, walang pagod pagod sa byahe! haha!

Welcome drinks of Red Coconut

Noticed the blue sky???? So lovely!

Our first adventure

The Buggy ride, which I found it so hard to drive because no side mirror. hehehe!

Mic-mic found the ride so boring daw. hahaha!

We reached the peak of Mt. Luho.  The place where you can see the whole Boracay Island

My family! Stations 1-3 at our back

Photo snap after the Buggy ride

A jump shot after Zorb Ball experience

Mic-mic had fun here! 

Our second day, enjoying the free breakfast of the Hotel
Time to experience more

The boys love the beach soooooooo much!

All they want is to swim every time.

Enjoying the moment

Took some rest for a boat ride and more exciting adventure

The awesome speed boat ride according to Mic-mic

Acting lang, kunwari nag-jetski. hehehe!
They have the heart strong to try Parasailing
Marco was afraid when he was up but atleast he tried.
They never got to experience helmet diving and fly fish.  They should be at least 10 years old.  The reason why Marco got so disappointed. 

We tried Fly Fish

It's a muscle aching activity but fun....really fun! A must try activity!
Mic-mic is watching us.

The Macs Adventure

Kids love to swim, hindi nagsasawa

We roamed around the market which is so boring for kiddos

The Macs: Summer 2014

The night life at Boracay, fire dancers

The powdery sand
Kids are kids! Loves to play sand

Ang lumot!  

Mic-mic called his Kuya a Ginger Sand Man

Thank you to my BFF for my outfit!

Thank you also to Jhaninay for my coloful coco cabana maxi dress!
Thank you Boracay

It was such a great experience for my kids.  They are begging to come back when they are allowed to do Helmet Diving, Ariel Point's Diving and Flying Fish.  I told them to provide separate money jar for Boracay because we need more money to enjoy all that.  They love the beach, the view and the activities.  I'm happy that they were able to experience the beauty of nature as early as now.

We love Boracay.

This vacation is also a celebration of our 10th Wedding Anniversary on April 17.  Cheers! For more years to come!

Think Positive Be Positive !!!


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