Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day #8: 100 Things to Thank for

Happy Father's Day around the globe!  Your strength and determination inspires us.  You're the greatest!

I am thankful today for one of the great move of the father of my kids.  Hallelujah!!!!! It's been a long time,  I am convincing my husband to make time to exercise.  Of course to have a healthy lifestyle.  I told him,  I want to enjoy our retirement together.  With the stress he is dealing everyday,  sickness will hit him anytime soon.  I told him to love his body as he loves me.  (hehehe!)  It's our obligation to take good care of the body that God has given to us.  But he always procrastinate when it comes to health awareness.

Until,,,,,,,,, finally....... he decided to join a bicycle club in their office so he needs to buy a "Bicycle".

Help me pray to God that he will use and enjoy it.  I trust him and will support him.

I will keep you updated with his biking experience.

Happy Father's Day!

Let us wish him luck, Yamisweeters!

You can do it, Da!  Have fun!


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