Monday, June 30, 2014

100 Things to Thank for-Day #24: A Balanced Life

In a fast-paced life we are experiencing today, it is more than usual that we neglect ourselves.  We forget to take time for our self then all other aspect of our life will suffer.  You don’t have energy to deal with the most important phase of our life.  So it is important that we stay balanced to live our life without regrets.
I am so thankful today that I realized “I have a balanced life”.  My husband admires me for being able to enjoy the life I want.  It’s my choice, though.  I chose to do things that can make me feel accomplished in my own standard.

So here are my simple ways in staying balanced no matter how busy we are.

1. Work out
I exercise at least three times a week.  It gets my adrenaline going, helps circulate blood throughout my body and gains my confidence.  I know it helps my body and mind feel lively and productive.
Please check my daily burn out.  You can do it while watching your favorite teleserye.

2. Rest
Whenever I feel tired and sleepy, I rest.  I leave my kitchen in mess and allow a pile of laundry get taller than my eldest.  Because if I will not do that, I can’t work for the rest of the week and my job will suffer.  I’ll become a zombie mom and that is not healthy.  Those household chores can wait for my attention. (lol!)  
I go to my happy place, my bed, and take a long nap.  It’s a place I am most comfortable and I forget my responsibilities in a while that recharge my energy.

 3. I enjoy my passion.
I love photography, blogging, reading and I associate myself to people with same interest.  Those are the things that nourish my soul.  Feeling ko mas nagiging efficient ako after ko mapagbigyan ang sarili ko sa mga ganyang activities.  Yeah, It’s time consuming but I am having fun while doing it. Worth it!  Any effort I exerted is meaningful because I’m in tune with my true self.

 4. I make time with my loved ones.
Our priority should be the people, not what we are doing or what should come next.
We have the usual family day during Saturdays. We eat together, go to mass together, grocery together and play together.  And I make sure that I am completely with them.  I always try to catch up with my bffs and visit my mother who is in the province. I also support family and friend’s social gatherings (weddings, birthdays, etc) as much as possible.

5.  I say No!
Sometimes, it’s hard for us to say no.  Like lending money, asking favors or additional work load.  We don’t need to please everybody when in the end we will suffer.  Don’t give excuses when you say no, either—just say you’re not able to make it this time.

Stay focused on keeping your life balanced.

Is your life balance?  Are you enjoying the life you want?  If yes, you are lucky as I am.  Let’s continue practicing the above ways and share happiness to the world.  “Ang buhay daw ay hindi na pahabaan kundi pasayahan.”

Happy Tuesday Yamisweeters!


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