Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day #4: 100 Things to Thank for

Hej my dear Yamisweeters!

Days are running like a marathon, it's mid-week na agad agad, so I should spend my fruitful days effectively and efficiently.  To start a day, I'd like to thank God for the gift of life to Atty. Becks and her friendship.  Atty. Becks is not just a friend but she is one of my HERO.  Why??  Fitz Villafuerte had a post about "social circle" .  It's about qualifying the people whom you socialize every day.  In our circle, he classified three kinds of people around us, a heroes, vampires or bystanders. He stated it in this way:
"Qualify Your Social Circle
Go back to your list, and encircle the names of those who give you inspiration. The people who provide optimism and supply you with motivation to follow your dreams. They are your “heroes” that provide you with the aspiration to become better.

Now, put an X-mark beside the names of those who give you more negativity than positive energy. These are people who complain a lot, who always sees the “half-empty” glass, and those who rarely gives encouragement to you. They are your “vampires” that slowly drain life out of you.

The remaining people are the “bystanders“. They are the ones who watch you on the sidelines. They may be ready to help and support you, but would probably never initiate any action unless you ask them to."

For me, Atty. Becks is a hero because she inspires me in many ways(fashion statement, books she is reading, writing skills, spiritual beliefs, opinion, social skills, her confidence and a lot more).  For some, she is a dominant person. Naman.......lawyer sya eh.  But what I love about her is, she knows how to admit her flaws.  She knows when she is wrong and when to say sorry.  She has freedom to share her thought and to share her love to other people.  I love the way she is.  Pag gusto ka nya, gusto ka nya.  Pag away nya eh di ayaw nya.  She is the picture of confidence. She knows what she likes and she knows how to appreciate little simple things.  She can listen to you kahit anong klaseng kwento pa yan.

So bakit sya hero,  kasi she provide optimism and gives motivation sa mga gusto ko.  Gusto ko syang gayahin, although hindi ko naman kayang maging lawyer. hahaha!  Pero, the way she makes time for her family and friends.  Wow! I admire her that much.  It looks like she always have time.  The way she is, happy for being SHE, despite her flaws.  Wow! She has the guts.

In life, we have to realize why we met people.  Bakit nga ba nag-ko-cross ang mga landas natin?  We must appreciate every mission that everyone is leading us.  Knowing the impact of each person in our social circle, be it a heroes, vampires or bysanters, is the way we can change for better.  Improving our personality on being who we are and give to the world our own simple share of goodness through friendship.

Happy Birthday Mare!

Cheers and thank you for this day!


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