Friday, June 26, 2015

The Highlight of my Week

It’s been a while again since I posted here on my blog.  As I’m always saying, I’m on a crisis. Mid-life Crisis!!! Lol!!! Feeling low, unmanaged time, long to-do-list, mixed thoughts and overwhelming projects.  That’s how I’m managing myself lately.  So struggling!!!!

Last week was the worst.  I got work and relationship issues.  My two loved ones were hospitalized. And I can’t get much time to focus on my project. In short, I was disturbed.

But God is good. After serving Him through my Media Ministry, he poured me overflowing blessings.  My heart is gracing joy because He gave me all the reasons to write and share the blessings I received this week.

As Bro. Bo said, “what you express, you expand”.   This is just a simple joy that gave me strength to be more optimistic and create a good vibes.  Here….absorb the good vibes.

The highlight of my week is this.

Last Monday, I received a letter about Recognition Day of my children.  Woohoooo!!!! My two boys are “Conduct Awardee”.  The best award that a parent can ever have. Despite a guilt of having less time parenting with them, they managed themselves to behave and be obedient in school.  My heart is in overwhelm mode because for that appreciation.

Thank you baby for the pride and joy.
 Marco is a consistent Outstanding Student that makes us highly pleased.  Please excuse me for bragging. (lol!) Parents like me can relate to the "#proudparent".  Parang ako ang nakatanggap ng recognition.  (hihi!)  But anyway, behind everything I am thankful to God for this recognition.  It's another challenge for me to become a better parent.  It teaches me to be more humble and lift everything to HIM.  It is HE who work for us, HE provides all the wisdom and strength to guide our kids into the right path.

What makes my week a block buster is the presence of #dadehmac in the recognition.  Despite overflowing office works, he found time to attend this wonderful event on our kids' life.  By which, my kids really appreciate.

 We're really blessed with all the goodness of the Lord.  And so I offer it to the LORD.

And wait there is more......

God is sending his love to me through the people I've met.

Every Tuesday is my Media Ministry Light Group.  I am in awe meeting these personalities.  I believe into the reason why God is bringing me in this group.  God is helping me to hone my core gift through this group to serve the Lord better. Yipee for my #tuesdaylg.

And every Friday is my time to empower my relationship with my husband.  God is sending these couples to guide us in serving the Lord through Couples Ministry.  Hooray for these loving couples!!

My week is such a "Rock 'n Roll" with the Lord.  Thank you for all the blessings.

                                                                                                     Think Positive Be Positive!
                                                                                                     Just sharing!




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