Thursday, February 14, 2013

A time for LOVE

Since 2013 came in, Me and my husband are engaged into several workloads.  Left the house early and came home late.  A reason for me to say “ I have no time for LOVE”. (lol) So staycation sunk into my mind because I said to myself that “Hindi maari ito, it’s worst.  I need to find time”.  So I booked to the hotel where we can spend a cozy time not so far from home.  It’s just a moment for the two of us fully enjoying our own time.  I don’t need to rush my time attending household chores and kid’s needs because it’s my full time for my one and only mahal.  It’s kinda Valentine surprise, since I didn’t reveal the details of our staycation.  Only the date that I have to tell him, of course, I need to book on his schedule.  Busy, as always.  Well, as what I am saying I need to find time because if I will wait for the time, it can never happen.  Our busy city life is so exhausting that need for some break. A break just for the TWO of us to relate to my older post “Sunday’s Best” about parenting. (haha!) Better read it to understand.  It’s quite wordy and for some it’s boring.(Lol!) Critic of my own work.
Sunday's Best

To continue…..I chose BGC’s First Premier Hotel: Best Western Premier F1.  A prime location literally a stone’s throw away from Bonifacio High Street, Serendra, Fort Strip and Burgos Circle. This stylish hotel ups the ante of cosmopolitan elegance, welcoming you with a taste of grandiose: sweeping views of the lovely Fort skyline, reminiscent of a hip big-city hotel with a flair for the contemporary.
A first luxury hotel located at 32nd St. Bonifacio Global City just in front of S & R.  It has a total of 243 chic and spacious room with modern facilities.  

Their busy lobby is located at the 5th floor.

A swanky room for a night with one king bed size that fascinates my back to lie down while watching or reading or simply cuddling and talking with my hubby.

The room comes with an ample and stylishly decorated with Philippine art living room to enjoy more of your time like an upscale apartment you'll feel like at home.

And the view from our room.

They also have amenities to enjoy like swimming pool and gym

And of course the restaurant where we enjoyed our breakfast.

We had our dinner at Burgos Circle, few steps away for the hotel where you can find several fine dining restaurant and night life too.

I got a deal at Chef's Lab where we took the pleasure of crispy pata special for three at P 500.00 only.  

According to advertisement, Chef’s Lab’s Crispy Pata goes through a 4-day cooking process wherein the meat is marinated in a special concoction of herbs and spices before it’s deep-fried. This keeps the meat moist and succulent and the skin extra crispy, making every bite worth the sinful indulgence.

 With a DIY sauce, mix and match the tomatoes, onions, vinegar and soy sauce to create a traditional dipping sauce or a mini Filipino salad to your own liking

 And the three cup of garlic rice perfect for sumptuous dish.

Of course my drink called GANGER. A freshly brewed dark orange pokoe tea infused with pineapple cucumber and melon juice sweetened with lemon grass syrup.  It is not included in the meal package.

Definitely my date enjoyed the dinner.  We had to order one extra rice pa. hahaha! He said "I really missed this dish.  When was the last time I ate this, six months ago?  Yeah right because he had undergone medication due to high cholesterol.  Anyway, for Valentine's Day lang naman.  Next year na lng ulit.

After dinner we walked to Bonifacio High Street for some coffee.  He is a coffee lover.

We stroll again going back to the hotel.  We had a perfect date.  Not that so luxurious but the TIME is more than enough what a relationship can ever have.

A TIME for LOVE that are very well spent.


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