Sunday, December 22, 2013

#CertifiedPositive 2014 Planner

One of my long-term personal goal for the next years is to improve my reading habit especially the most important book of the world, The Bible.

I have several attempts of bible reading plans from the previous years but I was a"ningas kugon".  I can't make it a habit.  I need more prayers for that. 

For 2014,  I really want to start a spiritual goal where I can incorporate it to my journaling, goal setting, expense tracking and activities scheduling.  The reason why I keep my eye for the 2014 planner in the market as guide in fulfilling my ultimate goal.

I'm just happy to share that I found the planner perfect for me.  It has everything that I need.  And it might fit your needs too.

Journaling and keeping a planner are the two basic attitude of successful person.  I've been doing that for several years and it helped me a lot to manage my time, finances, goals, plans and daydreams.  I may not be a successful millionaire but I'm proud to say that I'm half successful in doing the duties assigned to me.  As a mom, a wife, an employee, an employer to my helper, tutor to my kids, a friend, a daughter, a sister and as a blogger.

Through the plugging of Bettina Carlos in Instagram, I learned about #CertifiedPositve 2014 Planner.  I ordered online and scheduled for meet up.  Dyaaaaaaraaannnnnn....... I got it!

2014 #CertifiedPositive Planner
This is the Certified Positive Story

"Today, we live in a busy and fast paced world.  It seems like 24 hours is not enough with so many things going on in our daily lives.  We experience exhaustion, stress, panic, anxiety, and even depression.  In the end, we sacrifice either rest, exercise, read a good book or time for GOD.

It all started with our founder's desire to serve the Lord.  After many prayers, God finally answered her and gave a vision to help people be reminded of God's love for them so that they can EHEM (Experience Him Each Moment).  This is how the 2014 Daily Interact Certified Positive Planner came to be.

The idea came in during a cold and rainy dinner with a good friend last December 2012.  The Lord prepared the team and the people to be involved and finally, we officially kick-started the project last August 23, 2013.  Though most people say it was too late to start, we still pushed to make this because whatever God started, we believe that He will finish, and finish on His perfect time.  In all the trials and start up birth pains, we put our hope in the Lord. 

Today, Certified Positive continuously aims to create a positive community to give hope, encouragement, and love in Christ.  We share with you our story as this planner stands as a living testimony of the power of faith and God's unconditional love amazing grace for all of us.

Be Blessed! Be Certified Positive"

What's unique inside?

A positive act guide to experience HIM every moment and do the pay-it-forward-act-of-kindness every day.

Daily guide in reading the Bible.  This is what I like most.

Stickers and cards for positive thoughts and goals.
Bills Payment Tracker is made easy for me.
I have special space for my Personal and Spiritual Goals

Monthly budgeting will be easy as 1 2 3.
My daily expenses has its own page and take note I can categorize it as WANT or NEED.  It will be a great guide in monitoring my expenditures. 

And stickers to keep me reminded of the positivity and inspirations.

It has monthly testimonials from ordinary people who are experiencing GOD and sharing positivity.

You can order at here

Be a goal-oriented! Be inspired! Be positive! Be spiritually guided!

Cheers for 2014!


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