Monday, November 3, 2014

Do it Now!

Today is another day of inspiration and looking forward for my dreams and goals.  Lately, I've been so busy doing household chores and resting after my birthday trip to Korea(which is on my "to do" blog list).  I still can't find time to organize and arrange my photos for me to share our autumn experience.(Sorry for that!)

My helper has irregular schedule of coming to our house to do the basic chores so I am the one in-charge for a time.  Although, I appreciate every #TheMacs moment, honestly, it's bit tiring. Huh!  Anyway, supermom can do everything in the house and my personal thingy was the one neglected.  But, that is pretty okey.  We manage it well.

Hopefully, my household help will stay at least five days a week for me to do all my personal goals and continue my #journeytoachievedreams.

Last weekend, we chose to stay at home rather than traveling to Batangas to observe All Soul's Day.  We avoided traffic jam and crowded people.  Besides, remembering the souls of our departed loved ones can be done in any part of the world.  (To our families, who missed us for this tradition, please bear with us.)

Staying at home is eating, sleeping, watching TV and playing.  We caught "My Big Love" at Cinema One starring Tony Gonzaga and Sam Milby.

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It's a movie years ago but my husband and I were inspired with the 5 Steps that Toni Gonzaga shared to her client as Physical Trainer.  I found it applicable in any goal in life.  I was refreshed with that guidelines and got inspired to pursue whatever I've started.  Remarkable to me is #2 Start today.(as in now na!)

Go print this steps for your goal too.

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It's less than a month and 2014 is gone.  I am asking myself.  How far I've gone with my goals? Am I leading to what I'm suppose to go?  Do I drive on a right track?

And here comes advice of Valorie Burton for this week. 

To go to the next level, you must get bigger. That means stretching beyond your comfort zone. And that is uncomfortable. Growing usually means growing pains. When a question or opportunity leaves you resisting, defensive and uncomfortable, it is often an indication that there is something there that you need to explore. Rather than run from it, press in. Your boss gives you feedback that hit a nerve? Someone makes a valid observation that left you feeling defensive? Has your journey to a goal stretched you more than expected and left you questioning your own abilities? All are likely to cause resistance.
Breakthroughs happen when you do the hard work of looking honestly at yourself, your habits and the patterns of fear that can get you stuck. Whether it's exploring why you feel guilty about stuff you didn't do wrong, or notice how the overachiever in you is really just craving approval and acceptance, "doing the work" requires courage, time and honesty. Take criticism and learn from it. Get better, not bitter. Push through it. That's how you have a breakthrough.

I am inspired again and ready to go to the next level.  I am writing and I am doing it NOW. Sharing what's on my mind, hoping that I also inspire other people to continue their goals and aspire their dreams.  
Be guided with the 19 Ways to Truly Live by Terence Mauri.
Take risks and Do it now Yamisweeters! Yebbbbaaaaaa!


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