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Travel Diaries: Day 1 #WUinKOREA

Hey there Yamisweeters! How are you?  I hope you're doing good as you click my post. hehehe!  As I write this post,  I am still looking for an inspiration on posting my stories.  Inspiration.....inspiration.....inspiration please.  Hindi ko alam pano ako magsisimula!!!waaaahhh

I'm not a travel blogger, I simply share experiences. And I love sharing so please bear with my composition and grammar.(Pagtyagaan nyo na!)  I wish this will entertain you  or maybe add more boredom(peace, if that is so!). 

We are group of 11 and handling big group is no joke.  Maybe I can share some tips if you want to travel with barkada or families.

We are the "Walang-Umay"
This group is my husband's classmates from high school plus three wives(including me).  We called ourselves "walang-umay or WU" because we never get tired of laughing, gossiping, traveling, photographing, eating, coffeeing, drinking(boys), and talking together.  As in, super happy every time we see each other.  Boyfriend/Girlfriend pa lang kami ni Macki, kasama na ako sa mga gimik nila.  Fifteen years na siguro!  And this trip was the latest of our get together.  Preparation was about a year.  I became so active with the bookings and preps.  I was really excited because it's a birthday treat for myself plus a first time experience in autumn weather.  Dreaming of a different color leaves and cold air makes me extra thrilled.  

Time flies so fast, it's already history now. A beautiful history of our friendship.

And this is my travel diaries with the amazing/"big-time" persons in my life.......

We got a seat-sale plane ticket at Air Asia going to Korea and by Cebu Pacific going back to Manila at a total cost of Php 8,071.76 last December, 2013. Like them on Facebook to be updated for their seat-sale and promos.

We secured Tourist Visa one-two months before our departure date.  Securing one is an easy-peesy procedure.  Physical appearance is not necessary, just complete the requirements, fill out the application form and attached photo.  Send somebody to submit it to the Embassy Monday-Friday 9:00-11:00am. Tadahhh! After 5 working days, you can travel to Korea within three months.   If you have US Visa, processing is a little bit faster, 3 working days are enough.  And one good thing, visa application is FREE.  So traveling to Korea is hassle-free.

We had earlier flight with the rest of the group.  
First Platoon
My Macki dear looked so haggard because he did not sleep a night before our flight.  He tried to finish his job for six days and not in a travel mood. huh! But, he was under instruction to go.(Iwanan ang work kasi birthday ko!) Lol! 

We had a smooth flight except for a noisy take-off.  We experienced a sunny shining blue sky above the clouds. Woohoh!
Jeju Island

Incheon Airport

We safely arrived at Incheon Airport on time.  After the quarantine section we go down to the 1st basement floor of the Concourse to board the shuttle train to passenger Terminal.

We passed the immigration, baggage claim and customs inspection orderly.  Since second platoon will arrive later that day, we were not in a hurry to go to Seoul.  We had our lunch at Mc Donald's and took some photos inside the Airport.  The airport is organize, clean, convenient, space-y and beautifully decorated with trees and flowers.

From the airport, they have several ground transportation to choose from.  Bus, taxi, airport shuttle bus and trains.  We chose to take bus going to Seoul.  The airport has approachable concierge counter to assist.  The bus fare is KRW14,000, about P590.00 and an hour travel.  We took Bus 6001 because our hotel is located at Dongdaemun and drop at Acacia Hotel stop(about 11 stops).

Buses arrived every 20 minutes and we missed the first bus because it was fully-loaded.  We were advised by the conductor to move to other stop.  But we opted to stay to avoid confusions.  There was a funny story about this bus adventure.  As you can see on our photos, we are three couples.  We patiently waited for the bus, and when the bus arrived, our luggage were boarded at the compartment and the first couple hurriedly went up the bus.  On our turn, the driver said, the bus is full and wait for the next bus.  The first couple was sitting pretty at the last row of the bus not knowing that we're not boarded yet.  Then the bus started to move and first couple were looking for us.  Then,  they saw us outside the bus.  I waved my hands, trying to say "see you at the Hotel".  I noticed the panicked face of our friend, buti na lang beforehand they asked me the destination bus stop.  At least,  they know where they will go even they are ahead of us. LoL!

 While waiting for the next bus,  my hubby captured my tired and haggard face with my #OOTD from Suite Blanco Denim-on-denim plus mix and match knitted jacket and scarf. The temperature was about 17 degrees and my clothing was just suited with the coldness.

They have a nice bus and organize stops.  It was a good experience.  How I wish Philippines can manage to do that way too.

Incheon to Seoul is more than hour travel plus traffic and stops.  We managed to sleep and do some rest.

Travel Tips:
1.  Research all means of transportation and choose the more convenient and budget-friendly.
2. If you are traveling with the group, be mindful with the details and itinerary of your group.  Or don't try to be away with the group leader.  Because you will never know what are some circumstances.
3. Secure a map and tourist guide pamphlets.
4. Make a working budget to control your expenses.  

That's all for now, stay tune for Day 2!

Think Positive Be Positive


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