Friday, December 5, 2014

Is Your Love Tank Empty?: 10th of my Books to Read

Hi there Yamisweeters!  Cheers and let's enjoy the Christmas season.

While enjoying the season, I have to continue my reading goal which I neglected for quite sometime because of busy schedules.  My 10th book to read is by Bo Sanchez.  I think it is his newest book.  He launched it last Sunday at "The Feast" and I was able to buy it at P200.00 and luckily with his autograph. hihi!

Who is Bo Sanchez?  For those who don't know Bro. Bo.  He is a much sought-after Catholic lay preacher and best selling author of 40 books.  As a public speaker and servant of God,  he has received recognitions from prestigious award-giving bodies in the Philippines.  But over and above all these,  he considers his relationship with his wife, Marowe, and two sons, Benedict and Francis, as his greatest achievement in life.  They live in Manila, Philippines.

By mere looking/reading at its title,  what do you think it's all about?  Sabi ni Kuya Eugene(the building guard),  Mam, bakit ka nagbabasa nyan?  Ibig sabihin kulang pa yung pagmamahal mo sa asawa mo?  I told him that it's not ONLY all about loving your spouse.  It's about loving GOD and loving like GOD.  If we can imitate how GOD loves us haaaay naku, hayahay ang buhay!   

This book makes me realized my shortcomings as wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, co-worker and citizen of my country. This book is really nakakabait.  Ang dami kong na-discover about myself.  We need deep spirituality to find the real happiness.  And the best thing is I have all the chances to make my love tank full and live the life I really want. 

And here is what you can expect from this book.  It's a good read and very nice gift idea for this season. 

"God created a love tank inside you.

Yes, you have a love tank in your heart and it longs to be filled up.  Do you know of adults who still act like their children?  They throw tantrums, become needy or angry.  Maybe you feel this way, too.  At the root of your problems is an empty love tank.
     It makes you susceptible to addictions and idolatrous relationships where you make another person your source of love.
    Relationships get cursed when you seek from another person something that only God can give---your fulfillment, satisfaction, happiness,  inner peace and completeness.
    Here's the truth: Only God's love can fulfill your deepest needs!  Seek your self-worth, deepest fulfillment, real happiness, satisfaction, and strength from Him.
   The moment God's love becomes the only foundation of your life,  you can love others from a position of peace, not anguish.  From a position of completeness, not lack.  From a position of trust, not control.  You start loving others genuinely because your heart is filled with God's love.
   Life is all about relationships--your relationship with God and others.  This book will teach you how to have loving relationships:

  • Have a Marriage That is Full of Grace
  • Parent from a Strong Foundation of God's Love
  • Effectively Handle a child's Tantrums
  • Honor your parents Even When It's Difficult
  • Control Yourself and Submit to Others
  • Love Those Who Hurt You
  • Show Unconditional Love

Let God fill your empty love tank so that you can love others from a heart that is filled with real love."

Now, do you want to know if your love tank is full or empty?  Grab a copy now!

Think Positive Be Positive!


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