Monday, January 19, 2015

My Prayers for Pope Francis

Umalis na si Pope Francis kaninang umaga.  And during my quite time with the Lord, I ask myself.  Ano ba ang epekto sa akin ng pagbisita ng Santo Papa?  All his messages are beautiful, it keeps my FAITH alive.  Isa ako sa libo-libong tao na na-antig ang damdamin sa kanyang pagpunta dito.  Sa kanyang pag-alis ay nananatili sa akin ang kanyang aral.  Sa lahat ng mga sinabi nya tungkol sa mga lider ng simbahan sa, pamunuaan ng gobyerno, sa mga pamilya, sa kabataan at sa mga biktima ng unos ito ang tumatak sa isip at puso ko.   
"Live and Love like JESUS."  

"Think, feel and do in harmony"

At syempre hindi ko nakalimutan ang kanyang request sa ating mga Pilipino. "Please pray for me!" It's true that Pope really need our prayers.  And so I dedicate my quite time for him.  And here are my prayers for Pope Francis.
I praise to you Oh Lord for this day.
I would like to spend my quite time with you talking about Pope Francis.  Lord Jesus, thank you!
Thank you for bringing Pope Francis to the Philippines.  You have given him a good health as he perform his spiritual journey to us Filipinos.  Transportation, security and weather conditions are full of grace as he does his schedules.   Pope Francis is a mirror of HUMBLENESS, JOY, COMPASSION and FAITH to us.  He brought unexplainable joy in our hearts.  Every time we see him on motorcades, encounters and on TV he brought tears with a fast-beating hearts that is full of happiness.  I can't explain the pleasure, I just weep while smiling.  I am so grateful for making his time with the victims of typhoon Yolanda.  Kahit na sandaling panahon lang yun, malaking bagay yun sa kanila.  Because they felt that GOD is there.  They feel the HOPES of moving on little by little because of the FAITH that Pope is telling them.  You allow also Pope Francis to meet with families, youth, religious and government leaders.  Your teachings were very well-delivered by Pope. spoke with us through Pope Francis.  During his preaches I saw you in him.  Thank you for bringing your message to us.  You blessed him with WISDOM, KNoWLEDGE, RIGHT JUDGEMENT, UNDERSTANDING, COURAGE, REVERENCE and WONDERS.  We Catholics have big FAITH but you know that we need it to strengthen and deepen.  Through POPE Francis, you made our faith alive and gave us more meaning with compassion and mercy.  He emphasized that you.... JESUS..... is our LORD and you're with us in every struggle that we have.  He kept our faith burning and it will continue burning forever.

Lord, JESUS, bless Pope Francis with strength, physically and spiritually.  Please help him to take good care of himself.  Always give joy to his heart and never remove the joyful smiles on his face.  Continue to bless him with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Protect his HOLINESS.  Continue to guide him on telling the world of your LOVE.  And keep him away from temptation.
Bring him safe to his home.
We will never forget him. You LORD is so great because you always surprise us with your mercy.  

Always bless us Filipinos.

In Jesus name I pray,

Sa last motorcade nya kanina, isa lang ang sigaw ko habang dumadaan sya sa harapan ko.
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Pope, thank you!


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