Friday, August 23, 2013

Stay Focus

As my age increases, the more I became so forgetful about it.  It seems I'm acquiring the hereditary disease of the family 'Alzhaimer's". haha! I am proud of my age whatever it is.  Are you puzzled why I'm talking about age?

What really matters to our AGE is “the more it increases the more knowledge we gained”.  My mind has a  loooooong “TO DO LIST”, from simplest to more complex thing about my life.  From craziest to impossible and achievable goals. From learning how to draw attractive eyebrows to my face to more travel escapes and relationship improvements.

As days goes by, my list became longer and longer granting some are crossed out which means “ACHIEVED”. 

One of the best point I learned was “STAY FOCUS”. 

I am proud to share the simplest thing I achieved.

My Photography Project called a 48-Week Photo Assignment


It all started when my husband bought my precious DSLR 500D.  It became my best friend and my stress reliever. 
At first I did not approve the acquisition because of the expensive price.  He reasoned out that memories are priceless.  Hmmmmmm……the truth is I really appreciated it.  I love pictures.  I love to pose for a capture.  For the record, I was once awarded Miss Photogenic way back time. LOL!(Kailangan talagang sabihin pa yun!).  Proof that camera and I have a good tandem.  I also volunteer myself to be the subject/model of my co-photography hobbyist.  So… having a good camera is a good investment.  I took that opportunity to learn a little bit because knowing how to use the DSLR is an advantage.  We can produce good quality of memories to treasure.

This photography project is a 48-week photo assignment.  Why 48?  It is supposed to be 52 to complete as a year but I spare four weeks for some preparation and besides 52 weeks is too long.  I assigned one subject in a week and I need to post it to my Facebook account from Monday to Friday to gather likes and comments.  Basically, the only reason why I did that is to PRACTICE and apply whatever knowledge I obtained from different photography website.  Likes and comments from my facebook friends really boost my ability to continue that project.  At first it became so thrilling and interesting but there was a time that I got so tired of accomplishing my assignments. But I need to meet my own challenge.  Self-appointed task must be performed whatever it takes.  Because I consider FOCUS and DETERMINATION are the the secrets of achieving the GOAL.  So I STAYED FOCUS on working with the challenge and meet the OBJECTIVE.

Fortunately, I finished it and was able to compile and made it as a book. Excuse me..... for the time delay. hihi!

Here are some of the pages.


Every time I flipped the pages,  I remember all the memories behind the photos which I tried hard to capture the best way I can. 

It was a beautiful memory which reminds me that:
1.        I can make a little DIFFERENCE.
2.       Working hard pays for sure.
3.       Taking responsibility of your own challenge is a strength of character.
4.       I should not be afraid of criticism because it will make a better me. 
5.       Maintain FOCUS on goals.

We must appreciate every single details we experienced.  Always look on the best possible impact in our lives.  Small encounters are good exposure to big opportunities.

At present, I'm happy that my friends appreciate my talent I gained from my project.  They entrusted their special memories to me.  And I look forward to more challenging and income generating hobby.

My First Pre-Nup Photoshoot

I captured LOVE
I love kiddie parties
Yanna's 2nd Birthday
Yanna's 2nd Birthday
Yanna's 2nd Birthday

My first kiddie party coverage

My First Baptismal Coverage

It's so nice working happy.  I may not be the best but I am learning.

I love CHALLENGE! Just stay focus!


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