Monday, July 7, 2014

100 things to thank for: Day #30: Excitement

I am thankful for my everyday excitement of my life.  I am excited to go to the gym, read new blogs and new books, finish my work, practice photography, blog, go home and see my kids, sleep with my husband and a lot more.  Even if it is a routine I always put energy to do it so I can live the way I want.  I admit that there are boring times but I keep looking for things that can make things different.  Even the phone calls can make my day as excited as it is.  I try to erase negative thoughts especially if I’m so tired of doing the same thing over and over again.  I keep looking for things that can make me occupied and forget the usual things that give me boredom.

For today, I am so excited with the result of my nephew’s board exam.  I am positive to pursue my dream business venture.  My team and I in 3M1D Photography are preparing hard for our first ever “Wedding Photography”.  As I imagine all of it, my Tuesday became even better than other Tuesdays of my life.  I am full of hope and enthusiastic in everything I wanna do.  I even forget my worries for Marco because he has flu at the moment.  I know soon, he will get fine and can go back to school.

Let's keep being optimistic and excited!  

Happy Tuesday Yamisweeters!


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