Tuesday, July 22, 2014

100 things to Thank for: Day#32-Frustration as Fuel

What a wonderful day is TODAY!!!!

Last night, when I got home my son Marco expressed his frustration about losing a kid's game.  He kept on crying and can't find focus on his assignments.  So, I ask him to lie down on my lap and talk about it.  Marco is a kid with lots of frustration because he look at himself as a perfectionist.  He can't hide emotions, so whenever he gets disappointed, he will cry and cry and cry.  Sabi nya kasi sa akin,  "kilala mo naman ako Mommy. di ba?  Ganito talaga ako.  So,  I allow him to cry until he got tired of it.  I gave him advices to pacify him.

Kagaya ni Marco, marami rin akong frustrations eh, kaya nga sabi ko sa kanya na parehas kami.  We have lots of attitude in common.  I see myself in him.  But since mature na ako, I know how to handle it properly.  But as a mother I need to focus in this area of his growing stage.

That's why I'm thankful for today's note from brain4body.

Why Frustration is FUEL.
Firstly, as annoying as frustration is how much worse would it be to be resigned – without hope – to the way that it is?
To live complacent and compliant.
To wallow in the way that it is – not happy – yet not fuelled by anything strong enough to make a change.
Second, here are 3 awesome things about FRUSTRATION:
1. Frustration is proof that you know there ARE other options. Also that you believe you can and should experience those other options. 
The very nature of frustration implies you know it could be different right?
And the thing that causes you to give up is when you have lost faith and hope of it being different.
So, frustration is your little (ok, sometimes large!) action signal prompting you to ask yourself:
“How can I make this the way I want it to be?” either right now or the next time you encounter that frustrating situation.
2. Frustration gives you clarity on what you don’t want. As much as I want you to focus on what you DO want, a first part of knowing that can be having clarity on what you’re super keen to avoid.
Random example… I wasn’t quite so totally-100%-crystal-clear on just how vitally important Freedom is to me until I truly experienced feeling utterly trapped and restricted.
3. Frustration causes you to analyse your approach. So you’re not getting results – and Yes, that’s frustrating however it’s also a chance to understand WHY.

I was alarmed that frustrations can hinder my son's success as a person.  The article gave the the idea on how to change our behaviour with the 5 levels of change as follows:

1. IDENTITY (who you are) = MOST powerful.
2. BELIEFS (and values).
3. CAPABILITIES (skills).
4. BEHAVIOUR (habits).
5. ENVIRONMENT (the place / people you’re with right now or the company / city / world you’re a part of) = LEAST powerful.

It will me guide on how to handle Marco's frustrations as well as mine.

Let's take Frustration as fuel to meet our life's goal.

Be Positive Think Positive!


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