Friday, September 4, 2015

Day 1: The Story behind my profile picture


My Profile Picture on Facebook

It was taken last summer during our company outing by my officemate Beatriz whos my roommate then.  She is also a servant of Media Ministry at the The Feast as photographer.  Horray for her talent.  I was able to express my model side.(lol!)  I love to take photos but I love most being a model (frustrationssss!!!!!)  Anyway!  I love bright colors for my photo shoots so I wore the brightest dress I have(hahaha!!) plus the hat that I bought to the street vendor along Pedro Gil St. for P100.00 just for the summer outing.  Alam nyo na.... pang profile picture nga eh!!!!

By the way, our companys summer outing was held at Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan.  The place is showcasing Filipino culture during Spanish Era.  It's such a photogenic place where photographer like me enjoy so much.  Ngatal ang laman pag photoshoot time na. (hahahaha) 

We did not waste the time visiting the awesome place.  I organized a photowalk with my officemates during our free time.  It was morning time and we roamed around and took a lot of photos at every corner of the resort.  Aside from being a photographer I also acted as model so I have to put down my bag during my turn.  And so we had fun and we captured a lot of photos.

Until I realized I lost my camera bag that contained a 50mm prime lens, spare battery, cellphone, key card and one SD card.  I went back to all the spot wed stopped.  And as expected no bag left.  I was so sad then, computing how much money I lost for the cost of the bag and everything in it.  

We had to check out so I went back to our room to pack my things.  I headed on to the check-out counter and reported the incident.  After some walkie talkie thingy, they said no bag found.  I had to pay for key card lost.  With heavy heart, I paid P500.00 and trying to accept what had happened.  

While waiting for my other officemates to check out, in a silence I prayed to God.  Lord, sana po wag nyong hayaan na magkasala ang nakapulot ng bag ko.  I closed my eyes and trust the Lord that he will ease my sadness.  Minutes later I saw a gwardia sibil heading to our place holding a black bag.  I said to my officemate, bag ko yun Sir!  Gaaaahhhhhhdddddd!!!! Gwardya Sibil ang nakapulot ng bag ko, may importanteng assignment lang kaya hindi agad na-i-surrender sa counter.  

For whatever happened, the important thing was I had my bag back and he did not commit a sin. 

The check-out counter refunded the P500.00 I paid for the lost key card and so I rewarded the guard for his honesty.

Lessons learned: Stay Focus (bawasan ang paging excited!!!)

Scripture for today: 

"Yes, the scriptures say, "As surely as I live,'says the Lord', Everyone will bow before me; everyone will say that I am God."-Isaiah 45:23

                                                                                                                           Stay cool!


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