Friday, September 4, 2015

The 30-Day "Writing My Life" Challenge

Challenge Accepted!!!

Few days ago, I saw a post from my Media Ministry Facebook Group.  Its a 30-day writing my lifechallenge. Today, I decided to accept it because I love challenges.

For your knowledge, I had two challenges made for myself before.  One was 48-week Photo Assignment which I completed and was able to make an album of my photos.  It was a challenge pushed through with myself to encourage me to learn photography. It was such a nice experience to share because I earned courage to serve the Lord through The Feast.  I became a photographer of Print Media Ministry because I believe that through my simple knowledge about photography I can serve the Lord and he will bless my talent.  Horraaaayyyy for that!!!

The other challenge I made was 15 Books to Read in a year.  I was able to do that but the sad part was I missed to blog all my review of the books Id finished.  But then, its an achievement, I learned a lot and it served the purpose.  It was all self-help books that inspired me to pursue my dreams and make it into reality. And I am a winner with it.

Doing challenge is hard, interesting and fun.  With the new challenge, it is additional stress (hahaha). It will be helpful for me to pursue my dream of becoming a writer.  I should push through by practicing my brain on how to express myself in a way people can understand me and relate to me.  It is about my life.  Ill be happy to share my thoughts about the daily assignment.  I am a bit afraid of the other things on the challenge but Ill be happy to share my simple life to all of you.

Bro. Bo Sanchez said, What you express, you expand. I express and I unfold.

Join me! And stay tuned for this challenge.

                                                                                           Be Challenged everyday!!!


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