Friday, September 25, 2015

HENERAL LUNA: What can I say about the movie?

Hello Hello Yamisweeters!

Yeah, I am here to say something about what I did yesterday.  Viola! I watched a movie with my hubby.  Due to working holiday, we found time to do it! Yipee! And you should watch it too!

And what can I say about the movie, HENERAL LUNA?

Kudos to ARTIKULO UNO Productions for bringing this story into Philippine Cinema.  They have an awesome casts; perfectly portrayed the characters by veteran actors and promising neophytes. The beautiful cinematography and well-written screenplay gave the movie the atmosphere of the Philippine-American war.  It's a brilliant and exceptional work of Jerrold Tarog for the young of today.  He was able to showcase the political-economical conflicts among the leaders of the government, as well the Filipino culture and traits.  It's a fiction movie but based on facts.  John Arcilla showed his remarkable talent by acting a real military general.  And it was never a dull moment.  Entertainment factor is at stake, you will cry, laugh, be sad, be angry and feel pity.

After the movie, what can I say about Heneral Antonio Luna himself?  

Oh wow! Antonio Luna was not emphasized very much on our history books on schools.  Hindi sya ganung kasikat like Jose Rizal, Emilio Aguinaldo at Andres Bonifacio.  But upon seeing this movie, wow! He's so brilliant! I admire his patriotism, his love for our country and his personal being. Yes, he was a very strict military leader. It's because he wanted to instill discipline to every Filipino.  He did not tolerate disobedience, half-heartedness, laziness, sloppiness and thoughtlessness.  He was fearless.  His bravery was awe-inspiring.  

He was bond with naturally impressive memory and shared it through writing.

Here's the excerpt from one of his essay for a girl.
"her langour, her voice which reaches the soul, those rosy checks flushed with happiness the excitement and the fatigue of the dance, the shy glance from her dark eyes which mirror the soul like bright stars in dark sky......How much love, how much sweetness, how much affection in one night, in our Christmas eve in the Philippines."
So romantic!(kilig much)

Nakakatuwa lang malaman na minsan sa kasaysayan ng ating bansa ay may mga tao na katulad ni Antonio Luna na nagpakita ng pagkamakabayan at nagbigay ng pag-asa na maaring may dumating muli na isang tulad nya na handang ibahagi ang kaalaman at malasakit sa ating inang bayan.

Noon at ngayon, iisa pa rin ang sakit ng ating lipunan.  Ang kapwa Pilipino ang ating kalaban.  Kulang ang disiplina at pagkakaisa para sa Inang Bayan at para sa kinabukasan ang ating kabataan. 

Haaayyy! Bigla yata akong naging concern sa politics dahil sa movie.  Yes, a wake-up call for this coming election. Choose wisely!

Manood kayo, palabas pa!

                                                                                                         Just saying and sharing!



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